At Lee's Palace - Toronto, ON {CANADA} (4/25/02)



What a city.......Toronto!!! Probably the most exciting city in Canada!! Toronto's energy level and downtown scene is almost like New York City....almost!!

Anyway, the Toronto fans packed Lee's Palace to await the arrival of the Nuttsanctified Spaceship from the planet NUTTMEG.......touchdown time: 11:40pm. Outta the Nuttsanctified Spaceship came the crazed-looking, meganutt bass player Norwood Fisher, the being with the sticks of fire John Steward, the lethal axe-slayer wanted in 20 galaxies Spacey T (he's the one responsible for the Big Bang!), the foul-mouthed trumpeteer Dirty Walt, and the tongue-of-fire, word-slaying, death-defying leaping captain of the Nuttsanctified Spaceship.....Mr. "Emergency House Call Puhh-leeze!" himself........... ANGELO MOORE!!!!!!!

Angelo Moore........the word contortionist known as "Dr. MaddVibe"!!!

Angelo, under the disguise of his mirrored but extremely verbalistic, word-contortionist personality Dr. MaddVibe, started with a hefty dose of "Emergency House Call, Puhh-leeeeze!" The musical splank of the bass, guitar and drum grooves was too much for some fans who started the mosh pit shit a little too early in the show! (CHILL, GUYS!!) It was the fault of the megawatt bass riffs!!! "Nuttmeg World" was Dirty Walt's turn to put his funky, smokey voice to good work! It was time for some "Pressure"....that blew the lid off of the Toronto fans who went insane with the crowd-surfing, moshing, and what have you! Angelo was hovering six feet above the floor twice with the support of the Nuttsanctified followers!! "Ma and Pa", "Housework" (YES, that song!), "AIDS and Armaggedon", and "Let Dem Hoes Fight" were great, especially "Let Dem Hoes Fight" with enough wattage from the heavy bass and wicked guitar to light up all the neon displays in Toronto! Angelo did the "Junkie's Prayer" (TOO FUNKY!) but no "Pray to the Junkiemaster". "Alcoholic", "Sunless Saturday", "Karma Tsunami", "Freddie's Dead", and the psychotic & hardcore "Riot" were good. Spacey T shined as he spoke of late Funkadelic guitarist Eddie Hazel........he deemed Eddie as the greatest guitar player in Funkadelic history. Spacey T ripped a new asshole in "Shakey Ground" (penned by Hazel)! His tribute included a piece of Funkadelic's "I Wanna Know If It's Good to You", "Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow", "Pussy", "Mommy, What's a Funkadelic", and "Comin' Round the Mountain"! The majestic horns blew on "Party at Ground Zero"!!

The first encore included a rapper named Skitz who rapped about the Nuttiest band in town!! That segued into "The Suffering", which led to "Everyday Sunshine" which featured some gospel jamming!! "Bonin' in the Boneyard" stank from the overpowering bass of Norwood!

The second encore started with "Fishbone is Red Hot".......the fans jumped and moshed about with delight!! "Servitude" ended the show with some power drumming by brought the foundation of Lee's Palace down to ruins! Being satisfied with the destruction before them, the Nuttsanctified Spaceship departed at 1:45am.

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