At the Trocadero - Philly (5/24/05)



At 7:35pm, Angelo Moore (Fishbone's frontman) did a long poem called "Fishbone Soldier" while he was hiding backstage, speaking through a bullhorn. After the poem and another 25 minutes of taking care of sound problems & enjoying Angelo doing another one of his Dr. MaddVibe selections, it was on to the 8:00pm, Fishbone began their set with "Unyielding Conditioning", featuring the thunderous bass riffs of Norwood Fisher and the distinctive soulful vocals of Angelo Moore. The scratch guitar riffing by Rocky George was very, very good! The next song "Everyday Sunshine" was good because of the tightness of the horns (Angelo on saxophone and John McKnight on trombone). "Karma Tsunami" was amusing because of the way the band ended the song after the last lyrics "KARMA TSUNAMI-MI-MI"....the music stopped for about 8 seconds before Angelo signalled everyone to jump back in and finish the ending...the last 20 seconds or so was Angelo laughing maniacally into the mic! "Date Rape" (I assume it's a tribute to punk-rock band Sublime) was some high-powered punk-rock madness, followed by the Fishbone-penned punk-rock force of "Subliminal Fascism"....the driving drum riffing by John Steward, blazing guitarisms of Rocky and smolderin' bass licks of Norwood were enough to smoke the entire building! "Sunless Saturday" and "Freddie's Dead" were followed by the amazing "Hide Behind My Glasses", featuring the diabolical keyboardisms of Dre Gipson! There was a reggae jam that featured Dre on lead rap vocals and Angelo on the theremin...the reggae eventually turned into the reggae-inflicted "The Suffering", featuring Norwood's backing vocals where former trumpeteer/vocalist Dirty Walt would have chimed in. Fishbone ended the song on an uptempo party note with "Party at Ground Zero"....the horns were tightly blaring and the ska groove made many fans danced about insanely in the mosh pit....even though the Trocadero security staff attempted to discourage folks from moshing! Unfortunately, since Fishbone was opening for Slighty Stoopid, the Nuttmegamania had to end at 9:00pm.

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