At the Wetlands, NYC (6/09/01)



At 12:10am, the Fishbone funk was set loose on the fans at the Wetlands!!!Here is the set list:

·         Rolling in Many Blunt Ways [Dirty Walt song]

·         Nuttmeg World [Dirty Walt song]

·         Karma Tsunami

·         Pressure

·         Behavior Control Technician

·         Shakey Ground

·         I Wish I Had a Date

·         Cholly

·         Freddie's Dead

·         Ma and Pa

·         Just Allow

·         Riot

·         Bonin' in the Boneyard

·         Jah-Jah on the Telephone (excerpt)

·         AIDS and Armageddon

·         Lyin' Ass Bitch

·         One Planet People

·         Alcoholic

·         Subliminal Fascism

·         The Lord's Prayer....Fishbone-style

·         Servitude


·         The Suffering

·         Everyday Sunshine

·         Party at Ground Zero

DA BREAKDOWN (an appropriate term for this show)

The band started with a couple of Dirty Walt's solo songs, "Rolling in Many Blunt Ways" and "Nuttmeg World". The grooves were well-anchored by the strong, stanky bass of Norwood Fisher and the guitar antics of the insane Spacey T were electrifying!!!! Angelo Moore and Norwood provided backing vocals. Angelo provided percussion (a la bongo) and hi-frequency soundwaves to disturb one's brainwaves (by way of the theremin)!!! John Steward's drumming was as lethal as a fat woman named Cholly falling onto Angelo, after a crowd-surfing mishap!!

THEN, IT CAME!!! (The following is not for the faint of heart......)

The REAL bomb dropped as the song "Skankin' to the Beat" began (reggae-funk on heavy dose of CRACK).......I felt a strong push and it almost floored me! I looked........these MF's were MOSHING!!! The ska groove got the party into breakneck mode! These folks were "breaking down" every sense of decent behavior and sanity as they pounced and bounced about like water molecules of boiling water!! Forget about Corey Glover & VICE's armageddon-type shows..........this was the inner depths of HELL, and I was along for the insane ride!! The breakneck pace slowed down to allow the crowd to breathe and cool down (my body temperature was probably at 105 degrees Fahrenheit)!

"Shakey Ground" featured Spacey T doing a tribute to the late Eddie Hazel with guitar lines from the Funkadelic song "I Wanna Know If It's Good To You" was some phenomenal shit.......just to listen to Spacey T's guitarwork!! "Riot" was an appropriate term for the chaos in the club!! "Bonin' in the Boneyard" featured some in-your-face bassisms by the great Norwood!! "Jah-Jah on the Telephone" (from Angelo's Dr. MaddVibe alter-ego) was a nice addition to the show!! "AIDS and Armageddon" had a much hard-rock slant to it, thanks to the fiery guitar antics & smotherin' bass!!! (Smotherin' like the atmosphere in the club.......the place was almost sold out and a lot of people were still on this "PCP-type" high!! "Lyin' Ass Bitch" was DA BOMB, with the ending dedicated to George W. Bush ("You redneck motherfucker......lyin' piece of sack of shit......slut, trash can, scummest dirtbag.......BITCH!!")!!!! "The Suffering" began with a long reggae-type intro.......the song featured some strong bass & a great guitar solo! "Party at Ground Zero" ended with some top-notch, stank ass solos from Norwood (bass), John (drums), and Spacey T (guitar)!! The chaos finally subsided at 2:20am. BY THAT TIME, THE WETLANDS WAS IN A STATE OF DISASTER!!


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