At the North Star Bar - Philly (6/16/01)



At 11:30pm, Fishbone started their ejaculation of the Nuttmeg Funk!!!Here is the set list:

·         Who Do You Believe? [Dirty Walt song]

·         Nuttmeg World [Dirty Walt song]

·         Karma Tsunami

·         Skankin' to the Beat

·         Riot

·         Frayed Fuckin' Nerves

·         Sitting in the Heat of Anger

·         Primadawnutt

·         Pressure

·         Behavior Control Technician

·         Deep Inside

·         Shakey Ground

·         Freddie's Dead

·         Ma and Pa

·         Just Allow

·         Bonin' in the Boneyard

·         Everyday Sunshine

·         AIDS and Armageddon

·         One Planet People

·         Alcoholic

·         Servitude


·         The Suffering

·         Party at Ground Zero


Dirty Walt and the Fishbone crew performed the first song off of Dirty Walt's solo CD......."Who Do You Believe?" (a song about the lyin' ass president!) The bass lines provided by Norwood Fisher were very NASTY AND SMOLDERIN'!!!!

"Frayed Fuckin' Nerves" was some off-the-wall chaotic rock shit that featured Norwood's smolderin' bass (powerful enough to crush unsuspecting eardrums), John Steward's lethal power-drumming, Spacey T's pyrotechnic guitarisms, and Dirty Walt's insane trumpetisms (definitely illegal in 50 states)!! Angelo Moore was in rare form on lead vocals!!
"Sitting in the Heat of Anger" was a little more normal-paced hard-rock shit that still smoked!!

"Primadawnutt" was a definitely welcomed treat to the Fishbone set. The baritone sax (by Angelo) and trumpet (by Dirty Walt) riffs were tight!!

Spacey T (once again) represented on "Shakey Ground" with some top-notch lead guitarisms, performing a bit of "I Wanna Know If It's Good to You" and "Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow"!!

"Pressure" was DA SHIT, with Angelo crowd-surfing in the audience during part of the song!!

The show was over at 1:35am.


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