At Jones Beach Theatre - Wantagh, NY (Long Island) (8/12/00)


After an extremely long wait, I finally got clearance to photograph the funkiest ska/funk/rock band, FISHBONE!!! The wild saxophonist/vocalist/frontman, Angelo Moore, came out in white-face..........HA, back at ya, you racist whiteys!!!

The show started at 7:30pm with "Everyday Sunshine" (a song that's so similar to Sly & The Family Stone's "Everyday People"). The song was full of funky rhythm guitarisms by Spacey T and some heavy ass-shakin' bass by Norwood Fisher!!! "Just Allow" was even better with Angelo's wild vocals and antics (dancing about insanely), heavy bass and good drumming!!! "Deep Inside" featured Angelo down in the audience showing off! "Karma Tsunami" featured Angelo playing an baritone saxophone. "AIDS & Armageddon" featured Angelo in the audience again, dancing about and having fun with da folks!! "The Suffering" was a great, funky R&B song with some excellent guitar & horns! "Subliminal Fascism" was the closer to a very short set......Fishbone left the stage at 7:58pm. THIS IS TOO SHORT A SET FOR A WONDERFUL FUNK ACT LIKE FISHBONE!!!!

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