At the Wetlands, NYC (9/09/01)



At 8:15pm, the Nutt-sanctifying funk of FISHBONE (from the planet of NUTTMEG) started their set with a little bit of Jimi Hendrix's "Power of Soul"........Spacey T's lethal guitarisms smoked the speakers in the Wetlands (which will be soon be "condo space", unfortunately). After the Hendrix tribute, it was on to "AIDS and Armaggedon". From there, it was off to stuff like "Cholly", "Ma and Pa" and "Bonin' in the Boneyard", which featured a delicious, thick bass solo by the original Bonehead, Norwood Fisher!! During the first 30 minutes of the show, I noticed that there was a second guitarist (but I didn't catch his name). "Riot" was the song that drove fans into a crazed frenzy (somebody get Mr. John Steward a new set of drumsticks because his must be reduced to small twigs after the heavy drum assault) OR was that "Sunless Saturday"? "Sunless Saturday" shook the foundation of the Wetlands enough that I thought the place just might be shutting down sooner than I thought!!!! Other favorites included "Alcoholic", "Primadawnutt", "Just Allow", Dr. MaddVibe's "Jah-Jah on the Telephone", the anthem of Fishbone "Party at Ground Zero", and the show-stopping encore of "Servitude"!!

This Fishbone show didn't feature any Dirty Walt solo songs, but it featured a lot of new Fishbone songs. One of the songs had a hardcore punk-rock edge to it and sounded like "Frayed Fuckin' Nerve Endings"!! Another one, called "There's a Demon Among Us" (I hope that title is correct!) was da shit with some hardcore rock guitar riffs by Spacey T and some excellent, funky horn riffs by Angelo (lead vocalist/saxophonist) and Dirty Walt (vocalist/trumpeteer)!!

The Fishbone Nuttmeg experience ended at 10:00pm.

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