At the Stone Pony - Asbury Park, NJ (10/31/01)



At 10:00pm, the Stony Pony experienced a hellified show on this Halloween, by the legendary Blowfly!! To me, Blowfly's particularly crude & graphic raps seemed to explain why he was on the same bill with Dirty Walt's Columbus Sanatation! (Don't believe me? Listen to Dirty Walt's CD "To Put it Bluntly"!) The Fishbone band members (minus Angelo Moore, who was the DJ for that night) backed up Blowfly, and Norwood Fisher's bass was heavy & thumpin' on the first song (I think it's called "Porno Freak")!!!

That was followed by a NASTY reciting of the alphabet.....every letter described the different types of "pussy" (e.g.: "A" is for "arrogant pussy", "B" is for "big pussy", "C" is for "cute pussy", "Z" is something you don't want......"zombie pussy")!

That was followed by a HILARIOUS version of the Otis Redding standard, called "Shittin' on the Dock of the Bay"......the blues guitarisms of Spacey T was cool!!! ("Shittin' on the dock of the bay, watching the turds wash away!!") Stanky bass permeated the venue during "Shake Your Ass"......many, many years later, Mystikal would do this song! The 1973 song "Rap Dirty" was lowdown nasty in funk-rock nature!! The last song was actually the Gap Band's "Why You Wanna Hurt Me (Burn Rubber on Me)"....which featured some excellent drumming by John Steward. The set was over at 10:40pm.


At 10:40pm, Dirty Walt and the Columbus Sanatation (Fishbone band members, minus Angelo) started with the funky, ass-shakin' bass sounds of "Rollin' in Many Blunt Ways"!

"I Need a Swig" featured some great drumming and some super-funky scratch guitaring by Spacey T!! "Nothin' But a Thang" was da shit, with Norwood doing more vocal work and some smolderin', jarring bass licks that awakened the dead in nearby cemeteries!!! (BOO!)

"Nuttmeg World" was very good, but "Swisher Sweets" was better with more super-funky Norwood bass!!!The set was over at 11:10pm.


At 11:15pm, Dr. MaddVibe (Angelo Moore, the poet) did some great poetry shit! He did a poem called "Me", which involved a lot of soloing on his saxophone. He did another poem about self-preservation and Plexi-Glass. He did a couple more poems before finishing at 11:30pm.


At 11:45pm, Fishbone started their set with a song probably dedicated to the area of New York that was flattened on September 11th......."Party at Ground Zero"!! It's amazing how everytime I see Fishbone,they are ALWAYS on fire and so are the fans!! Unfortunately, the club was only 1/3 full and those in the club weren't really into the Fishbone high-energy/mosh experience (except for 10 people). Maybe the terrorism situation has kept a lot of scared people at home....WELL, FUNK THAT!! "Karma Tsunami" was followed by "Primadawnutt", a nasty rock song with hardcore drumming!!

"You Gotta Get With It" was a funk-de-force song with some smolderin' bass licks, heavy drums & some fiery guitarwork!!

"Bonin' in the Boneyard" was good, but "Monkey Dick" was very interesting.....not as good as the album version, especially during the bridge portions! Still, it was a very good performance....didn't expect that song from Fishbone. (What about "Beergut"?) "Alcoholic" was cool, but "Pressure" wasn't the same without Angelo crowd-surfing during the intro.....he couldn't because there wasn't that many people ready to catch him! Angelo went into Dr. Maddvibe mode for a hot minute before returning with a nasty guitar rock song!! "The Suffering" was followed by "Dance on Down", a schizoid rock song with some sadistic verses, tempo changes and all! "Shakey Ground" featured snippets of "Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow", "What's a Funkadelic?", and "I Wanna Know If It's Good to You". "Unyielding Conditioning" and a few other songs ended the show at 1:15pm.

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