At the Trocadero - Philly (5/08/03)



I arrived at the Trocadero at 9:00pm to see that Fishbone was actually already performing. I walked in as they began performing one of my favorites, "Pressure". The Fishbone skanked and slam-danced hard on "Karma Tsunami", "Ma and Pa" and "Lyin' Ass Bitch", the last song featuring a great saxophone solo introduction by the great Angelo Moore!! The biggest complain I had was that the sound system didn't seem that great, because I had trouble clearly hearing the vocals of Angelo and Dirty Walt. On "Lyin' Ass Bitch", Angelo ended the song with him doing a vocal impression of Satan, with his index finger curled out from his left temple signifying one of Satan's horns!! "Cholly" (featuring the funky bass romping of Norwood Fisher) was followed by "Unyielding Conditioning", which featured some excellent sax and trumpet work (courtesy of Angelo and DIrty Walt, respectively)! The intro of "Lemon Meringue" was full of funky scratch guitarisms by Spacey T!! "Freddie's Dead" was absolute fan favorite, and was followed by a newer song called "Demon", featuring the humorous rap by Angelo in the beginning......the song featured a couple of speed-rock, psychotic breakdowns and fueling that energy was the crazy drummer himself, John Steward!! The last song of Fishbone's set was the heavy rocker "Sunless Saturday"! The Fishbone set ended at 9:55pm.

At 10:30pm, KING'S X began their set with some good funk-rock stuff, a lot of it being some fast-tempo rock with some great, fiery lead guitar solos. "Finished" (a new song) was a slower-paced rock groove. The next song featured some smolderin' bass grooves by Doug Pinnick! The band even did a more straight-up funk song with some standout bass grooves that shook the Trocadero. Doug began to sing some lyrics from "Super Freak" (Rick James), "Brick House" (Commodores) and another the way, no points deducted from the review, but it's BRICK HOWWWSE, Doug! At the end, members of Fishbone came out and joined KING'S X for a jam session, which sounded a lot like Fishbone's "Are U Wit It?" The show at over at midnight.

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