At Don Hill's - NYC (10/12/03)



Bassist Doug Pinnick and guitarist Ty Tabor!!

At 11:00pm, King's X took to the stage and began their funk-rock set. "Believe" (from the album MANIC MOONLIGHT) was great with an electrifying guitar solo by Ty Tabor and some inspirational words about self-confidence by Doug Pinnick! They performed tracks from the new album BLACK LIKE SUNDAY, like "Finished", "Black Like Sunday", "Screamer" (featuring some monstrous drumming by Jerry Gaskill), and "Johnny" (featuring a long jam, with some excellent lead guitar by Ty and standout bass riffs by Doug)!MANIC MOONLIGHT's "Static" sounded great, and the electrifying guitar shredding was the absolute highlight to "Dogman"! "Cigarettes" was another smokin',intoxicating hard rock song!! The King's X set was over at 12:30am.

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The ringleader of the Nuttsanctuary (known as FISHBONE), Angelo Moore!!

At 1:05am, Fishbone started their funk/rock/ska/R&B set with some "behavior control"......actually "Behavior Control Technician, featuring the funky horns of Angelo and Dirty Walt, punctuating the driving rock force of the guitar (courtesy of Spacey T), bass (courtesy of Norwood Fisher) and drums (courtesy of John Steward)!! Angelo did his stagediving act at the start of the hard-rock groove of "Sunless Saturday", after an acoustic intro!! "Pressure" was lethal, thanks to the powerful drumming!! Angelo skanked about on "Skankin' to the Beat" and delighted fans with some New Orleans-style partyin' on "Karma Tsunami"! Fans were going nuts in the mosh pit and Fishbone added even more fuel to the fire with their high-energy version of "Ma and Pa"! "Cholly" was followed by "When Problems Arise", featuring some NASTAY lead guitar riffing!! "Bonin' in the Boneyard" was followed by "Give It Up" (this is the first time I've heard this song live and it was great)......"Give It Up" got a hard-rock facelift (better than the album version!) and featured some smolderin' bassisms!!! "Primadawnutt" was good, and "Lyin' Ass Bitch" was better with Angelo throwin' in a long list of new insults at the very end of the song!

Unfortunately, I had to leave at 2:05am to head back to Philly, so I left the show while the band was doing a newer song......I believe it was "Skank 'n' Go Nutts"!

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