At the Grape Street - Philly (4/21/06)


Adam Blackstone and Curt Chambers!

At 11:35pm, Curt Chambers and his group, Franklin Bridge, started their set with the rock energy blasting of the N-E-R-D song "Brain", featuring lead vocals by the lead guitar star Curt Chambers!! The second song was an all-out funk-rock jam with some powerful drumming by Darryl and percussionist Aaron, ear-throbbing bass riffs by Wayne, standout synthesizer work by Adam Blackstone and guitar madness by Ian and Curt! "Let It Go" was a nice ballad in the vein of hard rock. Curt was left alone on the stage to perform "Love's Fool" on guitar and vocals.....his vocals are almost as good as his insane guitar riffing!


"Walk Out" was a good ballad, but better was the electrifying performance of "Another One", especially when the band went TOTALLY OFF (after the second chorus) into some insane jamming! The drummer Darryl was the spotlight after that song and before the band went into the full rock blast of "Rock With You".
(WARNING: "BEWARE OF A YOUNG BLACK GUY NAMED CURT WITH A LEAD GUITAR...BEWARE 'CUZ HE WILL BLOW YA MIND!!!!) The song featured the melody of Funkadelic's "Cosmic Slop", a piece of Outkast's "Hey Ya!" and a first verse & chorus of Prince's "Let's Go Crazy"!!! The band performed a five-minute version of Prince's "Purple Rain", before jumping into the punishing force of "Incredible", featuring the lead guitar slaying of Curt!!! The show was over at 12:20am.

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