At Paloma's - Baltimore, MD (3/28/03)



At 12:00 midnight, FREEKBASS started their funky show with an standard pre-recorded funk track summoning the Freekbass band to the stage. The band played some of the funky music of the David Bowie song "Fame" minus the actual lyrics of the was full of powerful bass (courtesy of Chris "Freekbass" Sherman) and guitar riffing (courtesy of Sean McGary).....Aaron Mahoney even did some of the lead vocals!! "She's Already There" was followed by "Freekbass 2YK", the standout Mutron-effect bass romp that stinked up Paloma's with an odor too thick to cut!! There was some smokin' lead guitarisms, some funky piano jamming (by Aaron) and kick-ass drumming by Mista Swift!! "The One" was followed by the powerful lead guitar jam "I Will Believe in You"!!

"Baby Baby" was done with the first chorus done in a more subdued than the album version, but the rest was some super hardcore funk stuff, featuring some of Freekbass's super-funky bass! Mista Swift represented on raps for "Thang", and so did J (as J did an intense sax solo)!! The band surprised folks with some of that smoldering "Red Hot Momma", done differently than every other band that played it:

1.   They repeated the first line of the first verse over and over toward the song's end!

2.   They replaced the "silent" 3rd line during the second verse with "Ride on Red Hot Momma, Ride on Red Hot Momma"!

Next was the Psychoticbumpschool chant "Peace, okay, I don't play!" repeated over and over with some heavy jamming by the band!!! "Fame" (the song with the actual lyrics) sounded funkier here than the previous shows, thanks to the ultra-funky, standout bass romping by Mr. Freekbass himself!!!!!! (applause!!!) The only bummer was.......THEY DIDN'T DO "HEAR ME PLAY"!!! (AAGGGGGHHHHHH!!) The show ended at 1:30am.


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