At Paloma's - Baltimore, MD (5/31/02)



At 12:30am, the Cincinnati funk band to ever grace the world with so much funkativity (since Bootsy's Rubber Band).....FREEKBASS......took to the stage with the promise to funk up Baltimore more than any funk band has ever done. They stayed with "I Will Believe in You", a tasty bit of funk that derived from their debut CD's closer, "Silver 17"! Following that was the bass extravaganza of "Freekbass 2YK".....filled with zeep bass riffs (the riffs smoked the sound system of Paloma's) and the bass synthesizer riffs of Joodi were low and nasty! Freekbass musically demonstrated "The One" to everyone, before they did "Red Hot Momma". "Red Hot Momma" had an interesting sax solo, but the famous "Disco-To-Go" riff was not as tight as P-Funk's or Nappyhead Funk Army's version! "She's Already There" and "Mission" were good, but "Body Over Mind" smoked with the Bootzilla bass stylings of Freekbass himself and the scorching lead guitarism of Sean McGary!!

Hardcore funk rhythms filled the club on "Thunder".......with the funkafied synthesizer riffs of Beta-17!!! The band did a "Soul Power" jam with a really tight drum intro by Swift and funky sax riffs by Joodi! Drummer/rapper Swift did his hip-hop thang on "Thang". "Fame" featured some funky scratch guitaring by Sean! The set ended with the superfunky "Hear Me Play"!! At 1:45am, the funky set was over.

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