At the Mad Frog - Cincinnati, OH (9/27/02)



I decided to go back to Bootsy-land where the funk magic all the Mad Frog!! This was the place where history was made.....folks were treated to a magical funk feast called Freekbass and Dr. Brookenstein was there in January 2002 to document the whole show, while in very funky habadashery, baby baba!! The folks were totally funked up with infinite funkativity then and they were at this show!!!!!! Cincinnati is not really bad, because next door is a mall called NEWPORT ON THE LEVEE (in Newport, KY), which features a very hip & funky wear/jewelry outfit and a large movie theatre!!


At 12:30pm, (after a good performance by IVC), Freekbass started with some of that "Freekbass 2YK", a smoldering Mutron bass feast and great vocals by Freekbass himself!! Following that was a new song that sounded like a variation of "Body Over Mind" (with the lyrics repeating, "Put Your Body Into Motion". "Red Hot Momma"'s breakdown featured a lot of keyboards (provided by Aaron Mahoney......BETA-17's replacement) which did not sound all that great.....also there was NO SERIOUS guitar power!! The freakish keyboards were great on "She's Already There"! Sean McGary's funky scratch guitar was the order of the day on "Fame"! I had went to the bathroom for five minutes and came back, to hear a funky drum solo (by Swift), some tasty lead guitarisms, and more funky keyboards!! The band went into a new song........this wasn't your average funk .....this was some hardcore guitar and bass jam that got every head and ass a-shakin' in the Mad Frog! SO FUNKALICIOUS.....IT WAS ENOUGH TO GIVE A FUNKATEER BRAIN DAMAGE (FROM OVERSTIMULATION OF THE PLEASURE RECEPTORS!!) OR STRAIGHTEN THE CURLS OUT IN ONE'S AFRO!! Swift is the rap master on "Thang", while Joodi blew his "horn" (saxophone)........y'know what I mean!

"I Will Believe in You" was followed by the ultra-bass, megaton-funky Freekbass original, "Hear Me Play" (or "Hear Freek Play")......this song is the most HARDCORE, HEAD-BANGING, FUNKIEST THANG out of Freekbass's arsenal!!!!!!! Bodies overheated and dropped like flies to this song!! Even Joodi told me (after the show), "Avoid that song on the CD........I hurt myself playing on that song!"

At 2:00am, the funky Freekbass party was over, baby baba!! Well uh.....CINCINNATI ROCKS, baba!!

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