At the Nutty Irishman - Farmingdale, NY (1/19/08)


Eric-Jay as the funky overlord of THE FUNK DYNASTY!

At 9:30pm, the funk party began with the sounds of The Funk Dynasty doing their rendition of the P-Funk classic, "P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)", featuring the hot saxophone funk of NYC's horniest player (lol!) Dave Mullen! THIS WAS A SPECIAL EVENT BECAUSE THIS SHOW WAS A BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION FOR ONE DR. BROOKENSTEIN (born 1/17), SO IT HAD TO BE FONKAY!! Eric-Jay played the dark-shades-clad frontman enticing the crowd to give up the funk, and Alisa Michaels & Groovalicious were the backing vocalists. Next up was the 1973 classic "Cosmic Slop", featuring (of course) Groovalicious on blazin' rock guitarisms & passionate lead vocals by Alisa! The band played the music of "Let's Take It to The Stage", while the vocalists performed the lyrics to the chorus of "Rhythm & Rhyme" (a clean version), "Let's Take It to The Stage" (itself) and a piece of "Take Your Dead Ass Home"....the scratch guitaring of Groovalicious was what the doctor ordered....just FONKAY! Groovalicious threw down HARD on a lead guitar solo on "Night of the Thumpasorus Peoples", while Eric-Jay took the lead vocal spotlight on James Brown's "Payback". "Maggot Brain" was very good, but I liked the electrifying performance of "Dog Star" (with the raw energy of Groovalicious on guitar, Gary Bordies on bass, and Lamar on drums)! "Red Hot Momma" was a lead vocal spotlight for Alisa, and featured some good percussion by Eric-Jay on congas & Walter on cowbell. "Get It Together" (a James Brown cut) was pretty good, but better was the performance of "Atomic Dog", featuring a spacy synthesizer solo by The Pearl! The funk party was over at 11:00pm.

The Star of the Evening!

Another shot of the Birthday Star!

You can never have too many stars, baba! This one is saxophonist Dave Mullen!

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