At the Jones Beach Boardwalk Bandshell - Wantagh, NY (8/9/07)


Lisa Michaels with Dave Mullen!

After the soundcheck session with the song "Undisco Kidd", at 8:20pm, it was on to some mo' P-Funk stuff... "P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)", featuring the lead rap of The Funk Dynasty general, Eric Jay and some cool sexophone sounds by none other than Mr. Horny himself, Dave "Mahoney" Mullen!! "Cosmic Slop" was actually great, with female lead vocalist Lisa Michaels climbing down from the stage and doing a stellar vocal performance in the audience!! Of course, it was great having a fiery rock guitar presence, courtesy of one Groovalicious! "Let's Take It to the Stage" featured a little bit of "Rhythm & Rhyme" (of course, the lyrics were changed to protect the ears of little kids in the audience). "Tear the Roof Off the Sucka" and "Night of the Thumpasourus Peoples" were followed by the JB-style funk of James Brown's "Payback", full of funky bass riffs by Gary Bordies and delicious rhythm guitar licks by Groovalicious! (Now, all the fans needed was someone who could do the James Brown (dance) and scream like James) "Atomic Dog" incorporated the song "Pumpin' It Up" and the wacked-out, superfunky synthesizer/clavinet grooves of The Pearl! Lisa shined on "Red Hot Momma", while the guitar army, bassist Gary and guitarist Groovalicious (especially), nearly summoned the Mothership itself with the electrifying performance of "Dogstar (Fly On)". "Maggot Brain" was good, but better was the next hefty dose of JB-funk, prescribed to the fans in the form of..."Get It Together"....complete with the red-hot scratch guitar grooves, funky sax riffing, thumpin' bass, and good drumming by drummer Carl...and Eric Jay demanding that the band "hit" him X number of times. It was all over at 9:50pm.

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