At CBGB's, NYC (3/16/01)



A fan dances with the funk-rock vocalist, The Vitamin Luqee!

At 11:45pm, NYC funk-rock gangstas, FUNKFACE, started their stankalicious set with the way-back-in-the-deep-swamp, raw ultra-funk song, "Down in the Bayou"!!! This live version had more rock influence with smotherin' mega-ton bass licks by Frankeebeans, scorchin' guitar licks by the FUNKFACE guitar army (Jerome Jordan, Tim "Tempura" Groove & 40 oz. Jeff), and strong vocals by the Vitamin Luqee and Jerome Jordan!!!

"Hoochie Smooch" (a song about "schmoking" weed) was another hot rock song with a fiery guitar explosion by Jerome!! "40 Acres and a Mule" was in the vein of "Hoochie Smooch". "Shred" was some shredding rock shit that ripped up CBGB's (once again, is that really HARD to do?) "Sweetback" was some funky R&B shit with some tight drumbeats by Ramsey Jones and a flashback of the Fat Albert theme (Na na na.....gonna have a good time!)!

The Vitamin Luqee with bad-ass rock guitarist, Jerome Jordan!!

The next song was a FUNKY-ROCK, SERIOUS ASS-SHAKIN' ROMP that featured some of Frankeebean's highly potent bass riffs that'll create avalanches in the Himalayas FROM WAY OVER HERE IN DA BIG APPLE!!! The drumming was PHAT, and some was the smolderin' guitarisms of 40 oz. Jeff! Was "Time" supposed to be a mellow tune? Well, somebody better tell these fellas because they were still kinda on the heavy rock tip. The last song, "Willy", was dedicated to an alcohol fanatic named Reese. This song (which was the low point of the show) was some punk-rock noise with moments of funk guitar and groovalicious bass. The most interesting part of the song ws the cartoonish falsetto voice of the Vitamin Luqee!

The show was over at 12:25am.

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