At Sin-e - NYC (5/27/06)


A luscious babe "almost" bares her bossom before Luqman Brown and the fans!!

I arrived at Sin-e a little late (at 10:40pm) and missed the first four songs by Funkface, "Zoo York City", "Broken Toys", "Lickshot" and "Something's Goin' On". They were performing this really sappy love song called "You and I" (just a hint, fellas...."gayishly tender stuff like this is NOT what you guys are about!") Funkface returned to true form with the uptempo funk-rock tune "Summertime". "Sweetback" was so sweet with the lead vocals of the rock crooner Jerome Jordan and the deeper lead vocals of the insane-in-the-membrain Luqman Brown! Amidst the lead guitar blasts of Tudor & Tim Groove and solid basslines of Frankiebeans, the vocalists decided to have the audience participate in a lengthy call-and-response. "This side is better than yours, this side is better than yours." (something like that) The band slowed it down again for the song "Time". The next song was a head-banging punk-ska tune called "Angry", featuring Luqman on trombone. The fans were feelin' the funk-rock of "Down in the Bayou". The ringmaster Luqman announced that it's time to "rock out with your Bok out" and invited three string (cello & violin) players to the stage. It was an interesting mixture of the classical and the hardcore rock...the song was called "Bruce Banner". Some punishing rock guitarisms and drumming by drummer Ramsey Jones was the order of the day!! Funkface ended their set at 11:45pm, but not before performing "Blood of the Sistren"...more punishing, lethal hardcore rock much that a few fans were moshing to the metal sound!!

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