At CBGB's, NYC (10/25/02)



The Vitamin Luqee in effect!!

Unfortunately, I arrived a little late (12:00 midnight) to the Funkface because I was checking out the Spearhead show at B.B. King's Blues Club. I was talking to former Funkface vocalist/guitarist Jerome Jordan, who has his own rock band called the Jerome Jordan Trio. Meanwhile, Funkface was doing a song called "Time".....which I feel is a little too sappy for Funkface.

Two Funkface fans jam with guitarist Tim "Tempura" Groove!

True to the insane nature of the band, Funkface did a song called "Eating Pussy/Sucking Cock", where they brought a friend onstage to converse with lead vocalist The Vitamin Luqee about why he won't eat it! There was a lot of references to masturbation on "Sucking Cock". The sound was some serious hardcore rock shit, thanks to the guitar army 40 oz. Jeff (rhythm guitar), Tim Tempura Groove (lead guitar), and Frankeebeans (bass) the heavy drumwork of Ramsey Jones! Another two songs and the show was over at 12:30am.

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