At The Delancey - NYC (9/26/05)



The psychotic Luqman Brown!!

At 11:45pm, New York was treated to a special occasion.....the return of FUNKFACE! Funkface took to the stage and literally burned down the Delancey with some high-octane, abrasive funk-rock!!! Lead vocalist Luqman Brown sounded as fierce and strong as he ever could! The guitar army of lead guitarist Tudor, rhythm guitarist 40 oz. Jeff and bassist Frankiebeans blew out the speakers and fans's eardrums with the loud, angry monster of "Bruce Banner" and the grungy rock-de-force of "Lick Shot"!! "My Way" was some more nasty hardcore grunge rock, in the vein of "Lick Shot". "Power to the Pussy" featured standout bass work and super-fast tempo lead guitar licks by 40 oz Jeff. "Broken Toys" featured the super-tight drumming of Ramsey Jones. "Down in the Bayou" (they dedicated this to the hurricane victims in Louisiana) featured guest vocalist (former member of Funkface) Jerome Jordan on some energetic co-lead vocals....and an attitude to match as he attempted to crowd-surf!! "Something's Goin' On" was a good ska-rock tune, and was followed by the killer track "Blood of the Sistren"....a sonic blast that prompted fans to begin moshing....Jerome was handling backing vocals. The Funkface set was over at 12:30am.

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Daniel Chavitz, on lead vocals!

At 12:50am, Apollo Heights started with ambient-sounding R&B stuff, featuring Daniel Chavitz on lead vocals. Most of the stuff had an ambient feel to it. One of the songs "Disco Lites" had some good guitar riffs by twin brother Dan Chavitz, while another one featured a rapper. Unfortunately, the guys were having sound problems throughout the show. Also, the band NOW does not have a drummer.....instead a Macintosh laptop substituted with programmed drums....personally, that just makes the show less enjoyable. The Apollo Heights set was over at 1:30am.

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