At Kenny's Castaways - NYC


The Funkface Allstars (Funkface with special guests, including vocalists Lisa McQuade and Militia) began their set of 80's pop-rock hits around 10:30pm....after about 70 minutes of that, the band took a break and prepared for the countdown to Year 2008. At the stroke of midnight, several fans and members of the band set off loads of confetti and people cheered in the new year....

...following that was the performance of Funkface's "Sweetback" by Mackie Riverside & the Street Pushers (Funkface's alter-ego), complete with some horns & great vocals by The Vitamin Luqee (Luqmon Brown) and the crazy Jerome Jordan.....the huge crowd of partygoers were jammin' to this funky rock stuff! Following that was some 1960's Stax soul music, including a song that featured a new dance by is called "The Hawg". The music reeked of funky, nasty meaty bass riffs by Frankiebeans & solid drumlines by Ramsey Jones. "Things Will Get Better" was followed by a song that everyone in the audience requested....Funkface's own "Lick Shot". YES!!! The head-banging, metal-funk explosion featured the nasty, ferocious guitar wailing/crunching of Jerome and 40 oz. Jeff!! The Street Pushers performed another Stax soul song called "Jump Back Baby" (I think it's called that)...another funky rumpshaker. I left at 1:00am to attend another New Year's gig at B.B. King's Blues Club (a performance by the Rebirth Brass Band).

Luqmon Brown!!

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