At the Lucky Dog Music Hall in Worcester, MA - 5/12/01



I arrived at the Lucky Dog Music Hall at 9:30pm to hang out with the members of Funk-Kin. THIS WAS A SPECIAL EVENING FOR ME BECAUSE I PLEDGED TO GO TO THE STAGE AREA WEARING A "NAPPY" (TOWEL WRAPPED AS A DIAPER)!!!! I took out my light-purple diaper ("purple", in honor of Prince), my green & black alien floppy hat (decorated with a good bit of gold, red & green glitter......half of the alien eyes were glittered in red), and extra glitter for my face (I glued some around my eyes......DON'T WORRY, THE GLUE COMES OFF RELATIVELY EASY WITH SOAP & WATER!) The Funk-Kin guys were amused by the sight of a G. Shider clone!!

Before Funk-Kin began their set at 12:15am, I walked with them to the stage in my fresh gear, climb onstage and looked out to the tiny crowd (only 15 people?........DAMN!), just so people can get a good glimpse of MOIR!! Then, I climbed off the stage.....all the time hoping that my nappy does not come a loose (Massachusetts law enforcement may not be liberal when it comes to indecent exposure........SHIT! And I even toyed with the idea of wearing NO undershorts underneath the nappy!)

Funk-Kin began funking the tiny crowd with "It's On" (off their full-length debut CD), which was followed by "Tight Shit". They did a song that sounded like "Know About the Funk", done to the music of "Rump Shaker"......Tim Shider's bass was kickin' during this song, and brother Nate's smokin' lead guitarisms were da shit on "Super Stupid"! The few people that were there (what the fuck was doing on in Worcester that night, outside of the Funk-Kin show???) was feeling the funk fo' real!!! "Pushing That Funk" (borrowing the melody of "Mothership Connection") featured some funky kick-bass drumming by the one and only, Mr. Nowell Haskins, and so' more funked-up bassisms by Tim!! Charlie Rivers's lead guitaring was so hot that it could melt steel instantly!! "Funk Done Gone Hip-Hop" featured a "Knee Deep"-style rock guitar intro and super-heavy bass popping!!! "Off Da Hook" would probably the song for me to drop the towel but NAWWWW!!! (I have visited many places, but the slammer is definitely NOT on my "Next to visit" list!!) "Funk with a Capital 'G' " was the last song, but it really wasn't great because keyboardist Gregg Fitz wasn't there!!

At 1:20am, the show was over.

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