At the Stone Pony - Asbury Park, NJ (5/22/04)



Donald "Scream" Banks is back in the fold, baba!!!

At 12:15am, Funk-Kin returned to the scene (after a long hiatus) with a special surprise.....Donald "Scream" Banks was back in the fold (YES!!) and was representing Funkadelic with the song "The Tales of Kidd Funkadelic", featuring his nasty, stank-funk synthesizer riffs that remind folks of Bernie Worrell!! After the Funkadelic stench cleared the air, it was time for Funk-Kin to go into some of dat old Parliament stuff "The Goose", featuring Mr. Personality himself on vocals (the one who connects with the audience most)..........K-FUNKSTAR!!!!!!! "Off Da Hook" was a rock-tinged funk track (sounding better than the CD version)... K-FUNKSTAR was da man on lead vocals, bringing mad energy into the Stone Pony with his purple-colored G. Clinton-type bedsheet gear, some knee-high protective gear on his legs (look like some stuff hockey players wear), a flashing alien bodylight and star-rhinetoned red sunglasses (ah yeah, baba!!!) K-FUNKSTAR was in the audience getting folks to sing along and slapping a bunch of folks high-fives! "The Monkey" was a nice return to the old vintage Funk-Kin stuff, sung by Old Man Charlie Rivers and featuring Rivers on some good lead guitar and some perculating bass by The Perkulator, Billy Perk Puryear! "Testify" would be great, except the band was playing "All Your Goodies Are Gone" behind the "Testify" lyrics, which sounded pretty weird. "Tight Shit" was some tight funk shit with Billy Spruill getting off an insane pyrotechnic guitar solo!!! "Red Hot Momma" featured some backing vocals by Roxanne Yery and good drumming by Nowell Haskins......the only problem was the vocalists somehow missed their cue to sing the first chorus. Another problem was the reggae song that Billy Spruill was singing......for Funk-Kin, that really didn't fit with what Funk-Kin is!! (in other words, TRASH IT!) K-Funkstar did his P-Funky rap (throwing in stuff like "Gettin' knee deep in your cosmic slop") over "Mothership Connection".......another problem: I don't know why Funk-Kin was trying to do Kool & the Gang's "Funky Stuff" but that could GO......if you wanna know why, email me and I'll tell you why! The show was over at 1:45am.


1.   K-Funkstar - lead vocals, partyman personality

2.   Donald Banks - keyboards, SCREAM character

3.   Nowell Haskins - drums, vocals, inventor of the "Hit It & Quit It"

4.   Billy Spruill - guitar, vocals, possessor of the spirit of Jimi Hendrix

5.   Billy Perk Puryear - bass, funk perculator (no, it's not coffee you smell, baba!)

6.   Charlie Rivers - guitar, vocals, possessor of The Monkey

7.   Roxanne Yery - vocals, tambourine, foxey chick

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