At Johnny D's Uptown Club in Somerville, MA - 6/01/01



At 9:55pm, P-Funk descendant band, FUNK-KIN, hit the stage with some funky shit called "It's On", which sounded better with some extra-funky rhythm guitar by Nate Shider.......Tim Shider's bass was still funky as ever!! "Tight Shit" sounded better than the CD version, with a more funkier, rock feel to it.....the long instrumental breakdown featured some smokin' lead guitart wailing by Charlie Rivers!! "Super Stupid" was good, with the bass & guitar solos. "Know About the Funk" was followed by a smokin' version of "Red Hot Momma", thanks to the guitar players & Nowell Haskins's drumming! "Pushing That Funk" (using the melody of P-Funk's "Mothership Connection") was good, but "Off Da Hook" was funkier with a rock feel.......Funk-Kin should have recorded this version for their debut CD! The first Funk-Kin set ended at 10:50pm.

At 11:35pm, Funk-Kin started their second set with something from one of their older shows....."Cosmic Slop", done in a higher key (just like OLD times)!!!! Keith Thomas was just funky on lead vocals! (that was the song where one Dr. Brookenstein walked among the fans, wearing a purple diaper and sporting a pacifier & rattle!!) "It's On" and "Tight Shit" was good, but I loved the improvisation on the medley "Take Your Dead Ass Home/Let's Take It to the Stage/Rumplesteelskin" was some hardcore funk-rock type of shit with some smelly bass & smokin' guitar riffs!!! The band even threw in a little of George Clinton's chant from "We Can Funk".........a variation of "We be funkin' over here.....and over there ain't shit!" In addition, the band threw in a line from an old Funk-Kin show......."Might Wanna Get Laid Back Tonight".....that line was part of the song (by the same name) that Funk-Kin did when they first started hitting the New York City clubs (like the Wetlands)!"Funk With a Capital 'G'" sounded good, but it really lacked one ingredient......Gregg Fitz on the keyboards! Without Gregg, it sounded a little incomplete......even with the powerful lead guitar wails of Charlie, the monstrous bass riffs of Tim, and the funky rhythm guitar sounds of Nate! Since I stopped taking notes, I cannot remember what happened between "Funk With a Capital 'G'" and the encore song, "Funk Done Gone Hip-Hop"....but I remember the backing vocalist Twin playing the bass guitar while Tim was singing in the audience!! Twin is actually very good! The second set was over at 12:45am.

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