At MIT's Senior House in Cambridge, MA - 11/17/01



The funky vocalist, Keith Thomas!!

At 11:00pm, Funk-Kin started their funky set after the "meat market auction"......this was a party where people can buy other's people company for the evening. The theme for the evening was the FUNK AND FETISH SHOW.......yes, a S&M party!! However, there wasn't much pain-giving or pain-receiving going was completely BLAND!!!

Funk-Kin started with a snippet of "Funkentelechy", followed by "It's On" and "Tight Shit". Keith Thomas, vocalist and frontman extraordinaire was in the audience making sure that everybody got their funk on. Vocalist Twin appeared onstage with a Dr. Brookenstein blue wig along with a pair of sunglasses (with the price tag still attached). Craig Staton was back in da house giving up the funk on backing vocals!!

"Red Hot Momma" was HOT, thanks to the smokey bassisms of Ray and the explosive guitar power of Charlie Rivers, Gene Thomas & Nat Shider!!! Twin actually sounded a little better than the last show, but he advertently messed up the last lines of the secnd verse....."Red Hot Momma was a real gas.....doing it good and doing it fast.....she was smokin'!!" Drummer man Nowell "You Know Well" Haskins was a heavy drum solo fool on "I Heard", as everybody screamed "I Heard....Nowell!!"!!! The band into slow mode with "Maggot Brain"....with Gene doing an Eddie Hazel impersonation (very nice, Gene!)! Towards the end, the band relaxed as Gene gathered some more strength to play the depressing guitar notes!!! A true magical moment!!!

Funk-Kin did "Off Da Hook" complete with lead vocalist Keith dropping his short pants!! "Funk Done Gone Hip-Hop" was followed by "Standing on the Verge of Gettin' It On", which included "Good to Your Earhole" and "Pumpin' It Up". The crowd was definitely loving the funk music, even though half of the people disappeared to their rooms and this was around 12 midnight! (Damn, it was early Suinday classes on Sundays......and these people could not hang? What is up with the college scene nowadays?? Folks seem "baby-fied"!) Funk-Kin's set closed at 1:00am.

Overall, it was a very good shw and some college kids liked the show, but I just wish four things:

1.   the sound was better......a little too much feedback noise coming from the speakers.

2.   a lot more people came to experience Funk-Kin's magic

3.   a lot more people stayed for the whole show.

4.   the party was a true S&M party (or close to it).....I wished that there were plenty of women dressed in leather & chains ready to whip any men (and whatever else they find provocative). People seemed very timid about this experience.

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