At K-Funkstar & Barbara Johnson's Wedding [PRIVATE PARTY] - Somerville, MA (8/14/04)



Mrs. & Mr. Keith Thomas, getting their groove on!!! (Barbara THOMAS & K-Funkstar......go 'head "B.T. Express"!!!)

Let me first start off by saying that it was a great pleasure to be invited to the wedding of Keith Thomas (K-FUNKSTAR) to Barbara Johnson....never have I seen a bride as beautiful as Barbara (now "B.T. Express"). The wedding & reception were held at a concert hall in Somerville, Massachusetts....the festivities began around 7:00pm and lasted until 12:00 midnight. Funk-Kin, Grady Thomas, Gene Thomas, Derrick Davis and Kevin Goins were the major guests to this private party. After serving food and having a party on the dancefloor to some 70's soul/funk music, it was time for some LIVE entertainment by (of course) FUNK-KIN!!!


Roxanne Yery with Kevin Goins!

At 10:00pm, Funk-Kin started their show with the same intro from the night before (with some of that "Let's Take It to The Stage" stuff), followed by "Off Da Hook" and "Tight Shit", featuring the nasty, scorchin' guitar combo of Billy Spruill and Charlie Rivers......and Nowell Haskins was throwin' it down on the drums and singing a little bit of "Miss Lucifer Love"! "The Goose" was funky with newly-married K-Funkstar kickin' it on lead vocals and Roxanne Yery throwin' down good backing vocals (along with the tamborine percussion)! I think this is where Grady Thomas came out and added his funky vocals to the mix. "Pushing That Funk" was good, while "Move That Sexy Body" was better with Kevin Goins added his soulful vocals to the "Do You Believe in The Funk" (I mean, "Swing Down, Sweet Chariot") section. "I Heard" (with the music of "Rump Shaker") was a rump shaker with some perkulating bass lines by The Perkulator (Billy Perk Puryear) and some good synthesized riffs by Batman! The show was over at 11:20pm.

Dr. Brookenstein, pimpin' out with Johnny!! (PIMPIN' AIN'T EASY!!)

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