with T.U.F.(Trampled Under Foot) and The Funky Palm Trees

At the Mill Creek Tavern - Philly (9/16/04)



K-Floor's Nick Schnebelen leads T.U.F.!!!

At 10:00pm, T.U.F. (Trampled Under Foot) started their set with some good funky blues with ripping guitarisms by K-Floor's Nick Schnebelen! The second song featured some solid bass riffs with a lead vocal by the female bassist. T.U.F. performed a great blues ballad, featuring Nick on some hellified guitar soloing, followed by a jazzier funk tune which led into some funky rock shit!! The last tune was a rock tune with some tight drumming. The T.U.F. set was over at 10:45pm.

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The Funky Palm Trees began their set at 11:00pm.....they are a relatively lightweight funk band (more in the vein of pop). The most memorable part of their 45-minute set was the performance of the James Brown tune "Get Up (I Feel Like Being a Sex Machine)"....half of the audience was jamming to the funky guitarisms....make you wanna say, "HEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY!!!" Rubber Toni & T-Funk joined in on vocals and tamborine (respectively) and it was a real party! The Funky Palm Trees set was over at11:45pm.

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Sean Vargus, Rubber Toni & Coco!!

At 12:00 midnight, the Funky Dingus started their set with some MAD, MAD FUNKY FLAVA, courtesy of the band's main members, Rubber Toni (lead vocals, attitude), Coco (drums), T-Funk (bass, additional vocals) and Sean Vargus (guitar)!!!! The ALL-ORIGINAL set was da bomb with some searing guitar riffing by Sean and a couple of moments of tight drumming by Coco! Rubber Toni is a crazy individual who likes to "grind" on the stage floor (reminiscent of Prince's DARLING NIKKI performance in the film PURPLE PAIN) and dance with the audience! The most memorable part of the set was T-Funk mad vocal & seimic bass romp on the song "Funky Madman"!! The Funky Dingus set was over at 1:00am.

Rubber Toni with the good Dr. Brookenstein

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