At B.B. King's Blues Club - NYC (4/18/03)



Keyboardist Art Neville of the FUNKY METERS!!!!

At 9:30pm, the magic of New Orleans's legendary THE FUNKY METERS started with a very good jazzy instrumental which segued into "Soul Island", featuring the standout funky bassisms of the one and only original Meters bassist, Mr. George Porter, Jr.!!!! The mellow, Carribean vibe of "Soul Island" gave way to the funky keyboardisms (courtesy of original Meters keyboardist, Art Neville!!) of "The World is a Little Bit Under the Weather (Doodle-Oop)"! The band did a cover of Sly Stone's "Sing a Simple Song" before jumping into one of the baddest funk jams off the REJUVENATION album called "Africa"!! "Thank You (Fallentime Be Mice Elf Agin)" and "Goin' To New Orleans" (a Professor Longhair original) were followed by a funky gem with some tight drumming (by David Russell Batiste) and vocals by Art! "Let the Good Times Roll" had a serious slice of lead guitar rock power, thanks to Brian Stoltz!!

Bassist George Porter, Jr. of the FUNKY METERS!!!!

"Pungee" was good, but "Big Chief" was even better with a serious Mardi Gras funk flavor that had everyone in the club shaking what their mamas gave 'em!! "People Say" featured a slammin' heavy drum solo at the end!! "Cissy Strut" was the one that everyone was dying to hear, with all of the musicians locking into the same funky groove!! "Dry Spell" was a slow keyboard track that somehow led into "Africa"........wait a minute, these guys already did that they played the music of "Africa", they realized that they already covered that and performed another gem from the REJUVENATION album called "Ain't No Use"......this was just a slice of pure lead guitar heaven (thanks to Brian)!! The encore featured some serious guitar funk of "Look a Py Py", without the vocal chant at the beginning! The show was over at 11:15pm. AND THERE WAS NO SECOND SET??????? ARE YOU KIDDING????? THE NIGHT ENDED WAY, WAY TOO EARLY........THIS AIN'T CURFEW!!! THERE WAS NO "FIYO ON THE BAYOU" OR "HEY POCKY-A-WAY"!!!! (Basically, the short night was the only real drawback to the show!)

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