At the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival - Wilmington, DE (6/7/05)


John Nicholson & Karl Denson

At 6:40pm, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe started their funk-jazz set.


1.   "Bag of Funk" was nothing but some strong organ funk and funky rhythm guitarisms.

2.   "Flute Down" (from the DANCE LESSON #2 CD) was good with some up-tempo flute and trumpet goodness.

3.   "Red" was some great hard rock/funk with guest guitarist John Nicholson on slamming guitar.

4.   The last song featured a funky synthesizer intro and a smokin' bass solo!

The set ended at 7:50pm.

Click here for pictures of Karl Denson's Tiny Universe

Art Neville, of The Funky Meters

At 8:30pm, the FUNKY, FUNKY, Funky Meters started their set with a funky intro jam, featuring the funky southern bass riffs of George Porter, Jr. and some soulful vocalizing by Poppa Funk himself, Art Neville! "Cissy Strut" was good and was followed by "Soul Island" (which featured some added lyrics by Art to a song called "Ride Your Pony")...Art's organ riffing was superb! "Hey Pocky-A-Way" featured a nasty guitar breakdown at the end by Brian Stoltz. "Fiyo (Fire) on the Bayou" featured some tight drumming by David Russell Bastiste. "Just Kissed My Baby" and "Chug-a-Lug-Lug-Lug-Lug" were great, the latter featured some good wah-wah guitarisms. "Africa" was followed by "Look-A-Py-Py" and "Funky Miracle", which featured a long funky intro. "The World is a Little Bit Under the Weather (Doodle-Oop)" was followed by a long monstrous bass jam by the Nawlins bass-master George Porter, Jr.!!! "Ain't No Use" was a great slow jam featuring the soulful vocals of Art and the Jimi Hendrix-style guitar jam by Brian....actually, it was a red-hot guitar piece from Hendrix's "Message to Love"! The set was over at 10:05pm.

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