At Trump Plaza - Atlantic City, NJ (10/07/00)



At 10:05pm, The Time started their set with the dynamic & crazy duo, Morris Day & Jerome Benton!! They first played a snippet of Morris Day's solo hit, "Oak Tree", followed by "Jerk Out" which was dominated by Freeze's kick-ass funky bass riffs.......his bass sollol was tight!! Then, Torry went ahead and cut Freeze with his wild guitaring. Jerome decided to do a little split! "Get on Up" was funky, thanks to the cold-ass bass licks of Freeze!! Monte Moir spiced up the funk with his savory keyboardisms on "C-O-O-L". Such synthesized funkiness continued on "777-9311", complete with some bass swoops and funky drumming by Jellybean Johnson!! The band stopped for a few seconds, just to jump back into the song, with Jerome hitting one of Jellybean's cymbals twice. "Gigolos Get Lonely Too" was good. The band started playing "If The Kid Can't Make You Come (Nobody Can)" and the dynamic duo asked the audience to identify the true Time fan answered the question correctly! Morris and Jerome continued to quiz the audience on more Time-related facts, like the type of shoes & pants they wear.....ANSWER: Stacy Adams & pair of baggies The funky group did "The Walk" and "The Bird", the latter which drove the crowd wild! Some fans were picked to join the band onstage and at the end of the song, Jerome said to them, "Okay, you got your six minutes of fame, now get your asses off the stage!" After the fans humiliated themselves chanting "OOH-OOH-OOH-OOH-OOH,AAH-AAH-AAH-AAH-AAH!" (just kidding!), The Time performed their last song, "Jungle Love", with a scorching guitar ending!!!The Time ended their set at 11:00pm.

The Gap Band started at 11:30pm, but what I can't understand is this: why weren't the other two brothers with Charlie Wilson? Anyway, the intro was full of some funky bass!! "Early in the Morning" was nice, but the guitar solo just wasn't loud enough! The synthesizer intro to "Humpin'" was nothing short of FONKAY!!!"Why You Wanna Hurt Me" was good, but "You Dropped a Bomb on Me" was full of pure adrenaline funk!!! "Yearning For Your Love" featured Mike Campbell on funky guitar!! (Mike played with Bernie Worrell & The WOO Warriors about a couple of years ago) The fellas in the audience were singing, "You can't keep runnin' in and out of my life!" and the gals were singing, "Keep runnin'!" The Gap Band did a few R&B love songs from Charlie's new album (to be released on October 17th).....the songs were "Can I Take You Home", "Would You Be Mine", "Without You", and another song for which I don't have the title (it featured another male vocalist doing a duet with Charlie). I left at 12:20am because I needed to go somewhere the following day.

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