(with DRUGS)

At the 9:30 Club - Washington, DC (8/20/03)



I arrived at 8:45pm, just in the nick of time to see the DRUGS (the P-Funk offshoot band) take effect, stoning the fans with the mellow grooves of "Daddy's Got a Secret"! The vocals were handled by (of course) da crazy fool, Clip Payne (aka CLIPADELIC)!! Joe Eppard was on hand funking the people with his brand of funk-rock called "Billy"....vocally, he sounded great and his lead guitarisms were good. The audience participated on the funky "Deep Down in the Dumps".....Lige Curry did some beyond-superb, stank-ass bassisms that melted the walls of 9:30!! Also, Robert "Chicken" Burke was on hand to wreck airthang else with some heavy drumming towards the end!! "Cold-Hearted World" as good, with Joe giving up some great lead vocals, but personally, I miss seeing Stephanie McKay doing this song. The last song was intended to set fire to 9:30...."Never Ever".....the place rocked and rocked to and fro with funkateers in FUNK HEAVEN to the very rough vocalisms of Clipadelic and Adam Widoff's insane guitar riffs!!! The DRUGS wore off at 9:30pm.

At 10:00pm, da bomb dropped in D.C. (and no, it wasn't the Taliban or al Qaida type).

....Chocolate City and its vanilla suburbs experienced the landing of the FUNKY KIND...GEORGE CLINTON & THE P-FUNK ALLSTARS!!!!!!! The band started with a powerful, smolderin' guitar intro (all of the guitar army.....Kidd Funkadelic, Garry Shider, Eric McFadden, Blackbyrd McKnight, Billy Bass and Lige Curry.....were in serious effect)!! "Maggot Brain" was louder, with Blackbyrd playing lead guitar (for the rhythm part) and Kidd Funkadelic (of course) smoked the shit out of the Eddie Hazel masterpiece!! The noxious fumes of Lige Curry's bass choked many a funkateer during "Dog Star"! Garry was sounding very good on lead vocals for "Cosmic Slop" (and I hope he stays that way)! A low point was seeing Garry and a few other vocalists out of sync with the musicians they missed their cues (actually, the band changed some of the musical arrangements and dropped one of the chorus lines during the song)
"Aqua Boogie" was TIGHT......the keyboardisms were good, thanks to Razorsharp, and the song incorporated a little bit of "The Big Bang Theory" (courtesy of the funky horn players, Greg Thomas, Bennie Cowan and Scott Taylor)
! Sir Nose came out and danced for the fans during "Aqua Boogie" and "Flashlight". Another low point was George Clinton's attempt to sing the lyrics to "Aqua Boogie" of what he sang was totally incomprehensible.....his vocal chords seem to be getting worse! "Flashlight" incorporated some "Electric Spanking of War Babies". "Knee Deep" was zeep as usual, with the beautiful Belita Woods doing soulful vocalizations on "Sentimental Journey"! Greg Thomas did some super-long, rapid-fire scatting on "Knee Deep" and Kidd Funkadelic's lead axe-slaying was electrifying! Sativa Diva (the artist formerly known as Shonda Clinton) came out and had a toke of the "mary jane" while she rapped her signature shit, "Somethin' Stinks and I Want Some"......afterwards, she tackled her granddad's proverted "Hard as Steel" with such ease only a Clinton could do!! The band broke down in the style of "Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication" (ya know the part I'm talking about......"LOWDOWN, CAN YOU DO THE LOWDOWN?!") with super thumpin' bass (thanks Lige) and great lead guitars....Eric McFadden brought the house down with some red-hot lead was illegal in all 50 states! "U.S. Customs Coast Guard Dope Dog" was done by George Clinton acapella-style.The band raised the roof off of 9:30 with "Tear the Roof Off the Sucka" and paralyzed funkateers by getting them "Up For the Down Stroke"!! "Bounce To This" featured some heavy-duty dreamwork by Ron Wright and lead vocals by Kendra Foster! ABSOLUTE LOW POINT OF THE SHOW: "I'm Never Gonna Tell It"......well, I'M GONNA TELL IT.......why does G. Clinton allow such travesty???? The song was totally butchered by a white woman who cannot sing and this version is light-years behind the original!! The funk energy was basically sucked out of the room!! After the audience chanted some P-Funk phrases, the show was over at 12:45am.

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