At Hill Field (University of Pennsylvania): THE SPRING FLING - Philly (4/12/02)



At 11:15pm, the P-Funk Allstars started their show with the super-funky,intergalactic groove of "Funkentelechy".....the highlight??? You guessedit.....Lige Curry and his motherfunkin' odorious solo bass riffs!!!!Lige set it off with some funk-reeking shit that floored thefunkateers (and you thought your grandma's chitlins was BAD)!!! Equallyodorious was the lead axe solo of Mr. "Illegal in 50 States" MikeHampton (aka Kidd Funkadelic)! After some shitty verbalizations byClip Payne concerning the "Doo Doo Chasers" (or, by its technicalname, "The Promentalshitbackwashpsychosis Enema Squad"), it wastime for Mr. "The Ghost of Glen Goins" Steve Boyd to shine on "Bop Gun"!After everybody got over their humps, it was time for some "UndiscoKidd", with Belita Woods doing her vocal thang on "The Way She Moves"!The fans sang the opening refrain "Space People....Universal Love" for"Cosmic Slop" ALOUD....the breakdown of "Cosmic Slop" was, of course,where George Clinton emerged from the darkness. Interesting enough,the breakdown was a little different.....done at a slighter slowertempo, and then jumping to double speed for about 4 seconds beforereturning to the previous tempo. Blackbyrd ripped a big hole inthat song with some powerful hardcore guitar!

George Clinton proclaimed, "It would be ludacris to think that weare new to this....we do it.....this is what we do!", again & again."Standing on the Verge of Gettin' It On" featured something "Goodto Your Earhole". Garry Shider pumped everyone up with the richharmonies of his vocals on "Pumpin' It Up"! "Bustin' Loose" wasa hardcore funk jam with some great sax-work by Scott Taylor,swooping bass licks by Lige, and pyrotechnic guitar attitude byBlackbyrd!!!! "All Sons of Bitches" featured Belita Woods onlead vocals. "If Anybody Gets Funked Up (It's Gonna Be You)" wasfollowed by a song featuring a female vocalist named Kendra.The song sounded familiar and had the proclamation "Bounceto this....everybody just bounce to this!" (Actually, it'sa P-Funk song that somebody gave me a little while back....oneday I'll remember the name of it.) "Flashlight" featuringthe funky sounds of the horny horns (trumpeteer Bennie Cowan,saxophonist Scott Taylor, and saxophonist/vocalist Greg Thomas)was great, and so was "Knee Deep" featuring Greg Thomas onscatting vocals!! The show ended early due to rain at 1:35am.

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