George Clinton & the P-Funk Allstars
at the Roxy in NYC - 7/10/00



I arrived at The Roxy a little late (at 10:50pm) and caught P-Funk doing a funky version of "Let's Take It to The Stage/Take Your Dead Ass Home". P-Funk was really, really hot on this night, whipping the funk-hungry fans into a serious frenzy!!!!! The highlights of this show were:

1.     The drumming was tight & funky (thanks to Ron Wright) during "Tear The Roof Off The Sucka".

2.     "Up For The Down Stroke" & "Flashlight" were really FUNKY....thanks to the WOO-man on the keyboards himself, Mr. Bernie Worrell!!

3.     "Rhythm & Rhyme" smoked with Garry Shider's funky-ass guitar licks & Treylewd handling the lead raps! Belita Woods did some great vocals for the Jimmy G & the Tackheads track, "Slingshot".

4.     "Somethin' Stinks and I Want Some" featured rapping by Shonda & "Booty" featured crazed rap vocals by Treylewd!! LIGE CURRY REPRESENTED ON HEAVY, EARTH-SHAKING BASS ROMPS & BLACKBYRD SET THE ROXY AFIRE WITH SOME VICIOUS, SEARING LEAD GUITARISMS!!!!!!

5.     "Billy Boy" was Treylewd's shining moment--the song is a very juvenile, but hilarious spin on the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky case!! Suggestive lyrics were brought to the funky ears by the nasty Treylewd!!

6.     "Maggot Brain" was Mike "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton's shining moment on lead guitar as a tribute to the late Eddie Hazel!! (Eddie is somewhere smiling now!!!) The ending of the song sounded like "Super Stupid" with some blazing guitars and bombastic basses!! It was a trip to Andre Foxxe playing with the P-Funk guys, wearing a wedding gown!!

7.     "Bop Gun" featured some really funked-out bass licks by the O.G. bassist, Mr. Billy Bass Nelson!! The horns (Greg Thomas, Bennie Cowan & Scott Taylor) represented well on this song and "Gamin' on Ya"!!

8.     "Red Hot Momma" featured some funkafied drums, LETHAL-ROCK guitarisms & bassisms, and spicy synthesizer riffs by Razorsharp.

The show ended at 1:55am.

To recap, the song set listing:

(at 10:50pm):

·         Let's Take It To The Stage/Take Your Dead Ass Home

·         Tear The Roof Off The Sucka (w/ "Wind Me Up" chant & "Psychoticbumpschool")

·         Up For The Downstroke

·         Rhythm & Rhyme (w/ "Slingshot")

·         Flashlight (w/ "Electric Spanking of War Babies")

·         Knee Deep

·         Somethin' Stinks and I Want Some

·         Booty

·         Billy Boy

·         Supergroovalistic

·         Maggot Brain

·         Dog Star (Fly On)

·         Bop Gun (Endangered Species)

·         Gamin' on Ya

·         Undisco Kidd

·         Get Off Your Ass & Jam

·         Cosmic Slop

·         Atomic Dog

·         Hall of Fame riff/Free Your Mind & Your Ass Will Follow (w/ "Music For My Mother" & "I Call My Baby Pussycat")

·         Red Hot Momma

The personnel: George Clinton, Andre Foxxe, Blackbyrd, Mike Hampton, Garry Shider, Cordell "Boogie" Mosson, Lige Curry, Billy Bass, Bernie Worrell, Razorsharp, Belita Woods, Sheila Brody, Treylewd, Shonda Clinton, "Clip" Payne, Steve Boyd, Ron Wright, Frankie "Kash" Waddy, Greg Thomas, Bennie Cowan, Scott Taylor, P-Nut, Sir Nose, and a few other unnamed players!

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