At the 9:30 Club - Washington, DC (11/20/01)



At 9:35pm, the P-Funk Allstars started their set with Frankie "Kash" Waddy hyping up the enormous crowd gathered for the P-Funk show of a lifetime!! Treylewd came out and did a hilarious slow song......Treylewd was a "trip" down from his vocal stylings to some of the insane lyrics!! "Funkentelechy" set the 9:30 Club afire with some deep-funky bass riffs by the one & only, the greatest Lige Curry!! Razorsharp's cosmic keyboardisms cried out to the heavens and summoned the mothership!! The horns (Scott Taylor, Greg Thomas & Bennie Cowan) sounded so funky!! Garry Shider sounded so sweet on lead vocals!! (The diaperman always delivers!) "Bop Gun" benefited from the well-groomed vocals of one Steve Boyd! (Glen Goins, are you listening to this cat?!) "Bop Gun" segued into the "horny" tune, "Gamin' on Ya". "Undisco Kidd" featured a solo spot for the beautiful songstress, Ms. Belita Woods!! "Cosmic Slop" sounded better than the other concert versions.....some harder rock-guitar influence by Blackbyrd! This was where George Clinton took it to the stage!

"Bend Over"/"Booty" was the highlight of the must have been a 25-minute jam with George singing "What is a booty and how will I know if I'm shakin' it? Bend over!" and "A tail ain't nothing but a long booty, a booty ain't nothing but a butt!" The song itself was a childish rap, featuring funky extra lead vocalizations by Sheila Brody (if SHE didn't know what a booty was, then something is definitely wrong!), Belita Woods (her vocal stylings were so beautiful), and Garry Shider (SANG, Garry!)! Scott Taylor did a great saxophone solo of the "Bend Over" chorus!!!!

"Maggot Brain" was DA BOMB.....Blackbyrd handled the lead guitar part (where was Mike "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton??), along with second guitarist, Dwayne Stevens! The drummer Ron Wright and bassist Lige Curry joined in towards the end. Razorsharp's keyboardisms were good. Garry did a slow version of "One Nation Under a Groove" for 2 minutes, before the band jumped into the original version. "I'm Never Gonna Tell It" was the low point of the show (of course)......sounding like the Phillippe Wynne version. "P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)" featured some new lyrics, "It's ludacris to think that we are new to this...."(what was the rest of that lyric??) "Flashlight" was Sir Nose's song to go into dance action......the snippet included was "Electric Spanking of War Babies". "Knee Deep" featured Blackbyrd on blistering lead guitar riffs and Greg "Motor-mouth" Thomas on vocal scats!! "Sentimental Journey" was another Belita Woods song and every ass in the club was feeling that shit!! A snippet of "Rubber Duckie" and the "Disco-To-Go" horn riff ended the "Knee Deep" song. "Atomic Dog" was some FUNKY shit with Lige's hellified bass riffs!! The "Hall of Fame" riff featured an instrumental snippet of "Music For My Mother", "Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow" and "Music for My Mother".

The last song was "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" was a LONG jam with some smoking keyboard riffs by Razorsharp & deep, gutbucket bass riffs by Lige!!!!!!!!!! The lead guitar solo was PHAT!!! Clip Payne was in the audience adding more fuel to the blaze that was burning in the funkateers's feet that got everyone jumping, gliding, dancing and SHAKING about!!!!!! The crowd was in a shaking/dance frenzy that the 9:30 Club's floor practically caved in under the punishing force of the funkatized fans!!!! The heavy-duty funk-rock energy melted the woofers, tweeters & earholes!!!

The show was over at 12:45am.

The personnel: George Clinton (legendary maggot overlord), Garry Shider (rhythm guitar & lead vocals), Blackbyrd (lead guitar), Tracey "Treylewd" Lewis (rhythm guitar & lead vocals), Lige Curry (bass), Dwayne Stevens (guitar), Ron Wright (drums), Frankie "Kash" Waddy (drums), Joel "Razorsharp" Johnson (keyboards), Michael "Clip" Payne ("man-in-the-box", vocals), Bennie Cowan (trumpet), Greg Thomas (sax & lead vocals), Scott Taylor (sax), Belita Woods (lead vocals), Steve Boyd (lead vocals), Sheila Brody (background vocals), Paul Hill (background vocals), Robert "P-Nut" Johnson (background vocals), Sir Nose ("dancing Sir Nose") and airbody else I don't know.

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