At the Constitution Hall - Washington, DC (4/05/02)



At 8:00pm, Maceo Parker started his warm-up act with some "Uptown Up".......I noticed the strangest thing: Greg Boyer was nowhere on the stage!!! (I'll probably do some investigation on that matter in the near future!) Another unpleasant thing about the show was the problems with the sound system.....lots of feedback noise or "scratchin'" (static-like) noise! "Baby Knows" featured some good guitar riffs by Bruno Spreight, some meaty bass riffs by the one and only former P-Funker bassist Rodney "Skeet" Curtis, and a hot Maceo sax solo!! Maceo set the ladies afire with some sultry sax riffs during "If Only For One Night", and the band even tossed in a little bit of "Creepin'"! The meaty basslines were back for "Shake Everything You Got (Southwick)" was the hot trumpet solo by Ron Tooley! It didn't hurt to have a great synthesizer solo by Wil Boulware!! Maceo did an interesting instrumental and it had a comedic ending. Maceo did a funny Ray Charles impersonation during "Georgia on My Mind"......he even screwed up when he tried to do a falsetto!!! Martha High shined on "Think (About It)". "Doin' It to Death" had some great rhythm guitaring! "Maceo's Groove" and "Pass the Peas" featured a bit of rapping by Corey Parker, the latter having the horn intro from "Tear the Roof Off the Sucka"! By the way, Melvin Parker was introduced to the audience......not, he did not play. The Maceo set was over at 9:35pm.

At 10:15pm, George Duke began his set with a heavy funk/jazz instrumental......tight, powerful drumming by Ted Campbell & heavy bass riffing by Mike Manson permeated the air, as well as odorious keyboard riffs by George and David!! The second tune was a light, ethereal jazz piece that turned into a heavy funk/jazz groove. "6:00 in the morning" featured backing vocals by Jim Gilstrap, Tina Hathaway, and Lori Pierre. The rhythm section rocked like hell.....the bass & drums were so powerful that it shook the Constitution Hall to its foundation! Lori did wonderful lead vocals on "I Want You For Myself" and the good-tar riffs were good......thanks to Paul Jackson! After talking about paying a visit to South Africa, the band did "Anticipation", which was an emotionally-charged ballad featuring some strong piano playing by George Duke. The next song, (I think it's called) "As Time Passes By" featured Maceo Parker as guest saxophonist and the insane, monstrous bass riffs by Mike! "Sweet Baby" was a sweet blast of R&B from the past. George messed around and did a few snippets of some songs. Then, the band finally did a serious funk jam that got everyone off their Sir Nose asses and partying!! ONE SERIOUS PROBLEM: THE SHOW ENDED TOO FUCKIN' EARLY AT 11:35PM!! NO "DUKEY STICK" OR P-FUNK'S "MOTHERSHIP CONNECTION"!!!! THAT IS WHY I CAME TO THE SHOW IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! DAMN!!!

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