At the North Star Bar - Philly (8/31/00)



Aerial shot of John & Steve Pompeo!

giantSEQUOIA started their set at 12:35am with "The Hole You're In", a nice funk-rock tune with some good drumming by Steve Pompeo! I don't know if it's just me but I couldn't really hear the bass on this song. "Sublime" and "Secret Obsession" (a nice ballad, dedicated to someone in the audience) were very good. "While We Sleep" featured some really funky rhythm guitarisms by John Pompeo and some heavy bass thumpin' by Jeremy Pflug!!! That was followed by the poetic "Parallel" and the soulful tune, "Shine".

"Behind These Winter Clouds" was the best song of the night with some fiery drumming and lots of hardcore rock energy from bass & guitar!!!!! "Ghost Dreams" was also an outstanding funk-rock tune with some standout bass playing and funky lead guitaring!!

giantSEQUOIA ended their set at 1:20am.

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