Gil Scott-Heron & the Amnesia Express Band

At S.O.B.'s, NYC - 1/16/00


I arrived at 9:20pm as the Amnesia Express Band started playing a long intro version of "B Movie". Ten minutes later, the philosophical/socio-political poet, Gil Scott-Heron, got onstage and performed the vocals to "B Movie". The rhythm was funky and tight, and the percussion was good! Brian Jackson performed outstanding keyboard chords during the song "Peace" (I think it's called that!). Gil Scott-Heron stated, "Peace is not the absence of's the absence of the rumor of war, the threat of war, and the preparation of war." Gil dedicated a song to the folks that were involved in the civil rights movement (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, etc.) called "95 South (All The Way to the Gulf of Mexico)". "What has four I's (eyes) and will never "C" (see)?........Mississippi", stated Gil. The next song was a bass-driven tune with a great keyboard solo by Gil. "Other Side of Town" was a fantastic uptempo song with an infectious Latin funk groove, not unlike Mandrill's "Cohelo"!!! Brian shined with some irresistible keyboard playing and a kick-ass flute solo! The percussion was, at least, impeccable! "Winter in America" was as good as the album version with a fiery guitar solo! The last song, a medley called "Celebrate/The Bottle" (the funkiest ending to this show, with a Brian Jackson spicy jazz flute solo) was terrific! About seven minutes into the song, the drummer and percussionist (on congas) performed kick-ass solos for about five minutes!! After the extraordinary performances, the band continued with the song "The Bottle". The show ended at 11:05pm.


One of the best things about Gil Scott-Heron is hearing his political/comical ramblings. For example, when Gil first came out, he said that the weather was so cold that the wind chill factor was not available!!

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