At the Wetlands, NYC - 12/15/99
(with Enemy Squad, Rhythm Republik, Mary Harris, and the All Mighty Senators)



This night marked the premiere release of the Funkshunal Entertainment Roster Sampler CD, a collection of funk and R&B tracks by three groups that are presently signed to Funkshunal Entertainment: Rhythm Republik, Mary Harris & Sharief in Burgundy. I was in charge of packaging all fifty copies of the CDs (inserts & CD labels), which took a LONG while to complete!!


I caught the last ten minutes of the show with the All Mighty Senators. The All Mighty Senators is an alternative-type funk group with a drummer that doubles as a lead vocalist. The drum set was up front (on the stage) and the lead vocalist stood there, playing drums! The drumming was crisp and the bass riffs were funky. The song "Future Shock" was the funkiest song in the set. The All Mighty Senators started their set around 9:10pm and ended at 9:45pm.


Mary Harris started her set at 10:15pm. The intro of the first song featured some dynamic bass riffs by Ben and smokin' guitar riffs, courtesy of Sharief Ali. Sharief (of Burgundy fame) later dazzled the folks with his electric wah-wah guitarisms! "Waste of Our Time" was very good, but "Shine" was the FONKAY ending to the M.H. experience, with some good keyboard work by Ted! "Mary, Mary.....quite did you ever get your funk light to glow? Girl, you so funky with the skins and I love your positivititties!" Mary Harris ended her set at 11:00pm.


Rhythm Republik started at 11:40pm with a pretty good version of "Sweatshop Blues", but my problem was with Lady V (of Koffee) who filled in on drums. She is not as heavy or bombastic as Wildstar. Of course, Groove-A-Licious (The Guitarist Formerly Known As John Willis) set the sound system afire with his guitar wails! The funk continued with "Stay Broke". "Disposable Culture" was nice and heavy, and "Mystikal Luva" was better with some of Pearl's (The Keyboardist Formerly Known As Eric Wilson) colorful keyboard funk. "Daddy I Wonder" was very good--as FUNKMASTER GENERAL aka TAKFAKA (The Artist Formerly Known As Kregg Ajamu) hummed some notes, Groove-A-Licious mimicked them on electrifying guitar. Vocalist Elaisa sounded very good on "All Saints Fall". "Sunchild" was the jam, but suffered because of the lack of bombastic drumming (done before by Wildstar). "Never Put Me Under (Rise Up)" started with a hard-rock intro with guitar wailing and thumpasorus bass licks by Mr. Bass. The Rhythm Republik experience ended at 12:30am.


Enemy Squad got their shit started at 12:55am with a funky version of "If It Fits (Do You Swear It?)" and "Anti-Prozac", the latter being a nasty-funk tour-de-force with Kevin Hagan ripping up the airwaves with fierce lead guitarisms! "Trick Chick Jane" featured an ultra-funky intro of K.C.'s (Kerry Clark) heavy-duty bass antics & more of Kevin's lethal guitarisms! "Loose Booty" was a welcomed treat with Nowell Haskins (of Funk-Kinn) providing backing vocals to Ron Smith's groove-inducing scratch guitar licks! Even better was the addition of Billy B and Brides of Funkenstein/P-Funk's own Sheila Horne on lead vocals! (Sheila has the power to vocally & physically work the crowd......and ya know what I mean by "physically") "United State of Mind" was FONKAY with solos by each band member. Ron Smith & Kevin Hagan provided equally electrifying axe-slaying solo riffs while KC kicked ass on his hard-thumping bass solo......KC was picking the strings with his teeth!! (Hmmm.....I wonder about this brother's dental bills......shit! I bet that in one year, KC would have enough money to buy a minivan if he didn't play BY TEETH!! Ha ha ha!!) Gabe's drum solo was enough to tear the Wetlands down to its foundation! "Prankster Boogie" was good, but "Sticky Liquid Funk" was better with the ending "I wanna go home....take me home!" The funk-rock sound got a little too thick & noxious to some folks, but I like it like that!!!! The encore performance of "Love War" (at 2:07am) was very good, with Ron Smith's stirring lead guitarisms, but still it's LIGHT-YEARS AWAY from the original version that was performed at the Wetlands in December 1997, which is not good!! The band surprised the shit out of me with their rendition of Funkadelic's "Alice in My Fantasies"......BLEW EVERYONE'S FUCKIN' MINDS! Ron Smith got really dirty on lead guitar and KC's bass was smokin'! The shit ended at 2:20am.


There were some special guests that attended the show. People like Nowell Haskins, Michael "Clip" Payne, Belita Woods, and Sheila Horne. It was like the first FUNK-O-RAMA show all over again!

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