At the Highline Ballroom - NYC (4/7/08)



At 8:30pm, the truly talented ensemble of GLOBAL NOIZE started the show.......the band featured the following players:

1.   Jason Miles - keyboards, leader

2.   DJ Logic - turntables, 2nd in command

3.   Bernie Worrell - legendary P-Funk keyboards

4.   MeShell N'degeocello - bass

5.   Christian Scott - trumpet

6.   Jeff - sax

7.   Jerry Brooks - bass

8.   Cafe - percussion

9.   Paul - guitar

10.                     Brian Dunn - drums

11.                     Asha - Moroccan dancer (special guest)

12.                     Dashanera - Moroccan dancer (special guest)

13.                     Falu - lead vocal (special guest)

14.                     Rahim - guitar (special guest)

Things started out on a FUNKY, FUNKY note with "Spin Cycle", a lesson in funky noise, baba!! The tasty scratch guitarisms (by Paul) led into some funky organ riffing by Jason Miles, followed by the irresistible cosmic WOO-thesizer keyboard riffing of Bernie Worrell! Both Christian & Jeff were HOT on trumpet and alto sax (respectively) as they sound like they were trying to outdo one another! Even better was the WOO-derful journey provided by "Spice Island", where Bernie funked everyone out of their minds with some STANK STANK FUNKY INSANE keyboardisms for about 5 minutes, before Jason stepped to "color" some of that FUNK with his organ chords! The drum solo (by Brian) was really good, as well as the turntable scratching by DJ Logic! By the way, "Spice Island" was a spotlight for saxophonist Jeff, while the next song was a spotlight for saxman Christian...actually, the real spotlight was the sexy Moroccan dancer Dashanera, who did some great interpretative dancing. The best part was the great conga playing (by Cafe) at the end, matched with the perfect moves of Dashanera! "Bollywood" was a "ooze bass fest" much strong bass riffing (by Meshell and Jerry) that even Sir Nose couldn't resist dancing to it! Falu was the lead vocals for "Bollywood" and the following song, which also featured Rahim on guitar and Moroccan dancers Dashanera & Osha....both dancers were very skilled as they each balanced a sword on top of their heads and danced in place! "Pool of Honey" was some sweet funk with some lively synthesizer riffing by Jason and a super-hot sax solo...but the real treat was the insanely powerhouse WOO keyboard riffs (by Bernie) that brought the Highline Ballroom to a pile of smokin' rubble! The next song was a samba-type tune that featured Dashanera doing some more dancing...the best part was the great combination of the turntable scratching, drumming and percussion (tamborine) -- just very funky and very tight! Global Noize played one more song before calling it quits at 10:15pm.

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