Hello music fans:

Dr. Brookenstein here........

After 10 years of handling the intense, exhausting work of covering funk/R&B/rock acts (including the travel, the review writing, the updates on upcoming events, and the processing of concert photos), IT IS TIME FOR ME TO HANG UP THE BROOKSYNTELECHY HAT (so to speak). Yes, it's been a long time coming....

Starting sometime in October 2008, I will be switching gears to the GOSPEL world, specifically in the GOSPEL-FUNK vein. This work will probably mean LESS travel on my part (actually, the travel that I did during the past 3 years was far less than the first 7 years of BROOKSYNTELECHY). The change will require that I create a new website called "THE GOSPEL OF FUNK"; my former site BROOKSYNTELECHY will become an "archival" site....a historical landmark in the land of DA FUNK, like The Motherpage! The new website will include a guest book and a "testimonial corner".

Why GOSPEL? GOD was calling me to make a change in my life concerning my activities. Considering that I'm going through an illness called anemia, this was as good a time to make that change. I could continue on with the BROOKSYNTELECHY FUNK site work, but doing so would certainly lead to more problems with my body (and eventually my demise), not to mention that I'm going against the Creator's wishes. Plus, with the recent deaths of a couple of my closest friends and Bernie Mac, I realized that life is too precious to just waste it on things that won't benefit the Kingdom of God.

Anyway, it's been great doing the BROOKSYNTELECHY FUNK SITE for the past 10 years, but now it's on to better things! Don't worry, I'll still be around...somewhere.

-Dr. Brookenstein