At CBGB's, NYC - 1/1/2000 (NEW YEAR'S DAY)



Doug Wimbish in rare form!!!

The second coming of the Headfake experience could not have come at a better time......the first day of 2000 (one day after the chaos that descended upon Times Square). Corey Glover joined the bass & drum ensemble of Doug Wimbish & Wil Calhoun, after the first song "Cycles".

The "Original Sin" aka Corey Glover!!

At 12:10am, the band performed their first tune Cycles", a midtempo, trance-inducing groove that accelerated into psychotic bass romping, distorted guitar riffs, and some bombastic drumming! The intensity was that of a 80-mph rollercoaster on a steep descent (with all of the loops and turns)! "Fall From Grace" had the same energy as "Cycles" and introduced the audience to the super-talented vocals of "The Original Sin"....Mr. Corey Glover!! The bass was smokin'......can Doug E. Funk be any funkier?! Corey's vocals were irresistible! Slowing the tempo were "Still I Try" and "Worship", the latter having a hypnotic groove and some tight drumming. "Trance" had some serious bombastic drumming by Wil and some good wah-wah effects! "Torn" was one of the best ballads that I heard, a very romantic tune in the vein of Corey's "Only Time Will Tell". "Research & Development" was a very good jam session with Wil on clay drums & electronic drums. Pre-programmed keyboard samples played the backdrop to Wil's funky percussion rhythm. As a bonus, Doug took over on live drums. "Ugly Face" (from the group that featured Wil & Doug with another vocalist, JUNGLE FUNK) was funky with Doug mesmerizing the folks with his stankin' bass riffs and doing additional vocals during the chorus. Finally, the band threw in a favorite jam from the Living Colour album STAIN....the tune was "Bi"!!! Corey's vocals were as superb as they were on the studio version. Everybody in the audience chanted "Everybody! Everybody!" as the show came to a close at 1:10am.

Corey Glover told me that his next album should drop in early spring........I CAN'T WAIT!!

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