At the North Star Bar - Philly (12/23/00)



Guest vocalist Vince and Headsoup bassist/lead vocalist Nik Rael!

At 11:45pm, Headsoup started their first set with the funky bass and kick-ass guitar lines of "It's a Crime"!! A pop ballad, "Bye Bye Baby" was followed by another song featuring Billy D. Light's catchy rhythm guitar licks and a searing Mike Tyler guitar solo!!! "I'll Be There" was good, but "81 Ford Grenada" was great with extra-funky bass of Nik Rael and lead guitar madness by Mike!! John (the harmonica player) added some savory flavour to the funky pop sound of "Grenada"!! "What's What" featured Mike Tyler on vocals and it was the FUNK-DE-FORCE!!!! Lethal guitarisms, powerful drumming by Brian Flanagan, odorious bass riffing, and some funkafied organ synthing by newcomer keyboardist, Jim Nichols!! "Hey Man" featured a desolate-sounding wah-wah guitar intro. "The Wave" was full of stank-ass bass rhythms that marched throughout the North Star Bar......Brian's tight drumming marched to a funky beat!!! Mike provided the Hendrixian guitar sound......enough for everyone's taste!! "World's Fading Away" and "Living Like Vermin" were good.......the latter featured a female guest who attempted to sing the song (unfortunately, her vocals were not loud enough). "Darlin' Darlin'" was a FUNKY-ASS jam.......Billy D. Light did a monstrous lead guitar solo, Jim did more freaky & funky organ riffs, and Brian's drumming was nothing short of hardcore!! The first set ended at 12:45am.

At 1:10am, Headsoup started their second set, with a song called "Woman Oh Woman"......personally, I thought that the harmonica was a little too much.....the addition of keyboards was an improvement, but the harmonica just made it a bit distracting! "Yer Blues" featured Storm's funky guitar licks......guest guitarist Storm is the co-writer of "Woman Oh Woman"! "Ain't No Sunshine" featured Mike on vocals and a guest saxophonist, Aqil.The addition of saxophone made the song sounded even better! Mike did a song where rambled on and on about December 25th......some crazy shit over some rockabilly music! The last two songs were straight-up blues song that featured a guest vocalist named Vince......the latter song included a great harmonica solo and great guitar solos from Billy and Mike. The second set ended at 1:45am.

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