Jay Bee & the Routine
(featuring Jellybean Johnson)

At the Minnesota Music Cafe - St. Paul, MN (6/04/02)



At 9:30pm, Jay Bee and the Routine started their first funky set, but I didn't arrive until 10:00pm. The band did one funk song where Jellybean Johnson (of The Time) played a sizzling lead guitar solo!!! (Damn......I didn't know that Jellybean had it like that!) The next song, I believe it was called "Circles", featured some tasty rhythm guitar riffs by Jellybean, a tight bass solo and very good vocals by James Brown (not *that* James Brown.....a different one)!! The cover ofthe Isley Brothers's "It's Your Thing" was funky, but the percussion was too much.....too much in the way of the groove! "What You Won't Do For Love" featured the percussionist on lead vocals and Jay Bee on percussion. The keyboard solo was nice. The cover of Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" featured some good drums and funky guitars.....also it featured a snippet of Stevie Wonder's "As"!! The first set ended at 10:30pm.

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