At the Chameleon Club - Lancaster, PA (1/31/04)



Jimmie's Chicken Shack started their rock set at 10:00pm (but I didn't get to the club till 10:45pm). Jimmie's Chicken Shack threw down on some vintage JCS shit like "Another Day" (featuring the super-funky bass soundz of Che Lemon), "Spiraling", "Do Right" (feauring some good rock guitaring by Jimmy Haha), and "High" (high-intensity guitarisms & bassisms)!! New songs from the upcoming release included the humorous "Get Over It" (a song about a girl who wants to date a wigger) and "Happiness". "When You Die, You're Dead" was the high-powered rock ending to this extravaganza with some punk-rock drumming, smokin' bass and blazing guitar riffs! (This song tore up the Chameleon Club) The show was over at 11:45pm.

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