Jimmie's Chicken Shack

At the North Star Bar - Philly (4/19/08)


Jimmy Haha, leader of Jimmie's Chicken Shack!

YES....WHAT A GREAT NIGHT FOR PHILLY......legendary Annapolis, MD rock band Jimmie's Chicken Shack was in town, getting ready to rock the wigs off of some JCS fans! Interesting enough, this was the first show in Philly since 2001.......DAMN, I WONDER WHY?!

Anyway, Jimmie's Chicken Shack started at 12:05am with a rock song from their first album PUSHING THE SALMONELLA ENVELOPE....the song was "Sitting With The Dog"....that was followed by the reggae-flavored rock of "Mutha Luvas" (from their newest album FAIL ON CUE).... one criticism: I really wasn't feelin' the violin-style guitar chords of Matt Jones during the verses....what was that about? "Lazy Boy Dash" was a definite crowd pleaser as some fans began to mosh....vocalist/guitarist Jimmy Haha had the audience participate with a few rounds of "I'm a lazy boy dash, there's no doubt about it...might take a miracle to get me started". "Blood" was followed by a new song called "Caught Down" (Jimmy explained that he wrote this song while he was on the toilet, taking a hot & steamy George (W.) Bush!). The hard-hitting rock blast of "Trash" was followed by a love ballad. Another crowd favorite, "Do Right" featured a reggae segment called "Smoke 2 Joints". The heavy mosh pit action started again when JCS performed "School Bus". "Beautiful" was followed by "Another Day" which featured some nasty shredding rock guitar soloing by Matt....Matt even threw in some spaced-out sound effects! Jimmy did a little freestyle rap to introduce drummer Jerome Maffeo, who threw down on some very good drum soloing, including using his drumsticks on a beer bottle that Jimmy was holding! JCS started playing another slow song to tease the audience, and stopped to go into "Dead Sleep". "Waiting Room" segued into the high-octane, explosive "High".....high-powered rock bassisms/guitarisms (Christian Valiente, Matt and Jimmy) that sent the mosh pit into overdrive!! The sinister-sounding guitar riffs of "This is Not Hell" filled the air and was interrupted a few times for some more high-powered rock blasting! Things slowed down a bit with the song "The Quiet Ones". I left the show at 1:25am (before their very last song...which I'm correct, should have been "When You're Die, You're Dead").


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