At the Recher Theatre - Towson, MD (10/30/04)



At 10:15pm, the rockstar-wigged Jimmie's Chicken Shack members started with some old hard-rock classic to threw the fans off a little bit, before jumping into the funky rock of "School Bus", featuring the voice of rock 'n' roll Jimmy Haha! (By the way, I love his high-pitched "Are you ready to rock?" voice) "Dropping Anchor", "Quitter" and "Face It" were great, especially the insane guitar (courtesy of Double D.) and bass (courtesy of Che Lemon) riffs of "Face It" (complete with some bombastic drumming by Sipple)!! "Spider Web" included a rapper who added some additional vocals outside of his rap spotlight. "Strange" and "Fill in the Blanks" were followed by the danceable "Lazy Boy Dash", featuring some fiery guitarwork by Jimmy Haha and some powerful drumming!"Another Day" featured a bass & drum workout, with some turntable scratching and two rappers (one of them is the guitarist Double D.)!! "Beautiful" was good, but better was the explosive "High" with screaming guitar riffs by Jimmy Haha & Jimmy McD! "Do Right" included the reggae flavor of "One Love" and "No Woman, No Cry" (both by Bob Marley). "Milk" ended the show with two rapper (one Double D.) and a soaring guitar solo by Double D.! The show was over at 11:30pm.


At 12:00 midnite, the spirit of Halloween fell upon Towson with the arrival of the..................ALL MIGHTY SENATORS!! It was off to some martial arts action....AKA "Kung Fu Masters"! "Transmitta" was a hell of a crowd favorite as every fan danced about to the tight horns (including Dave Finnell and Craig) and the funky voice of their commander, drummer Landis Expandis (or if you will......KOOL-ADYE!!) "Booty Fresh" was fresh like a new morning rain and "Giant Steps" featured guitarist Warren Boes and bassist Jack Denning using robotic locomotion during the breakdown (just before the third verse). "Kingpin" was so funky with the smolderin' bass riffs Jack provided! The band threw in some AC/DC "Back in Black" and Whodini's "Freaks Come Out at Night". Warren did lead vocals for the Ray Charles tune "What I'd Say", as well as kick-ass, hardcore guitarisms!! (Ray was probably looking down at the Baltimore area and smilin'!!) I don't know why, but AMS played the chorus section of Beyonce's "Crazy in Love". The next song was some country hootenanny stuff that got some fans square-dancing! After that fun (HEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAA!!!), it was time for the fans to have a "Culture Shock" attack...the fans were jammin' to the funky pop/rock hybrid punctuated by some horny horns!! The encore performance included "(Chunky Buttered) Soul" (DYNAMITE!) and "In Your Face", a powerful pop song that's all-in-your-face...the fans were on fire and Craig (the trombone player) was up front banging the cowbell!! The fun was over at 1:45am.

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