At the Sugar Bar - NYC (2/28/06)


At 8:15pm, it was time for the Birthday Boy, Jerome Jordan, and his band to take the Sugar Bar on a cosmic journey through the depths of one's soul. The band started off on a funky note with the first song, featuring good bass riffing by Ganessa James and standout rhythm guitar and lead vocals by Jerome Jordan, but the organ riffs by Sean Willis were too loud... sometimes drowning out the guitar chords. The second song was a nice ballad, with a spotlight on Ganessa's bass playing. The third song sounded like the bridge from a Funkface song called "Summertime" (tell me Jerome, am I right?!) A few more songs led into the brilliant "Light Stores", featuring blazing guitarisms by Jerome, funky clavinet riffing by Sean and backing vocals by Ganessa!! The spacy "Conjurer" was followed by a mildly funky tune called "Cumulus".

"I Don't Mind", a great R&B tune with a funky attitude, featured more of Jerome's wild guitar style (including some spaced-out echo effects)!! The psychedelic "Baggage" was very good, but better was the rock jam that was DA BOMB with more of Jerome's rock guitarisms (it was like Jerome was still with Funkface) and red-hot drumming by new drummer Mark Robohm. The last song was some super-funky stuff in the vein of The Commodores's "Brick House". The show was over at 9:15pm.

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