At the Bitter End - NYC (2/26/05)



John Hickey, bad-MF on guitar!!!

At 12:30am, John Hickey and his band started with the ever-so-funky keyboard & bass-driven "Means of Production", featuring John Hickey on lead vocals and Cissy & Gregg Fitz on backing vocals. "I Do What I Wanna Do" was good, but better was the funkalicious instrumental "Down With The Ship", featuring some cosmic synthesized riffs by Gregg Fitz! "Know Me Better" featured some great drumming by Troy White and lead guitar fire by John Hickey, but better was the jam that featured the ultra-tight drumming of Troy and the hellified stank bass romps by Billy Perk Puryear...conincidentally, the jam sounded like a Funk-Kin workout!

Super-funky bassman, Billy Perk Puryear!

"Pot Top" was some good country-style funk with some good country guitar riffs! "Dead Beat" was a sonic blast of rock guitar, smolderin' bass, cookin' synthesizer riffs and heavy drumming! "Brokedown" was good, but better was the slightly frantic-paced funk-rock of "See a N", featuring Gregg's insane keyboardisms! "Rub and Tug" was a good funk ballad...this song was followed by a uptempo funk tune called "The End Has Finally Come". The most memorable moment was the phenomenal performance of Funkadelic's "Super Stupid"...a supersonic blast of lead guitar, crushing bass, pounding drums, funky synthesizer AND some crazed piano fire by the ONE AND ONLY........(from the group FUNK-KIN).........MR. SCREAM HIMSELF.........DONALD BANKS!! The show came to a smoldering end (yes, the end has finally come) around 1:50am.

Donald Banks, sans the SCREAM mask!

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