At Acme Underground - NYC (6/24/04)



At 7:15pm, the H-bomb dropped on Acme Underground ("H" for "Hickey", baba!) withsome very funky grooves.....if you didn't have your funk insurance, you certainly wouldhave been in trouble 'cuz from the start to nearly the end of the set, it was nothingbut straight-up Parliament/WOO Warriors/Drugs-style of funk, baba!!! The firstsong, "The Means of Production", featured a fiery lead guitar solo by the one andonly.............(drumroll, please)..............JOHN HICKEY!! The vocals were provided byJohn, Cissy Fitz (co-lead & backing vocals) and Gregg Fitz (keyboardist supreme andvery-funky backing vocalist). "What I Want To Do" was some good funky stuffwith more pronounced synthesizer riffs by Daffy himself (Gregg Fitz)! "Down With theShip" was the funk showcase of all things funky.....a funk BOMB that started off witha powerful guitar solo, intense drums (by Troy White) and some greatfunk bass (by Billy Perk Puryear, of FUNK-KIN)......the rest was aspacey synthesizer-heavy funk bass-blazing guitar delight with some tamborineby Cissy!! "Rub and Tug" was a slow funk tune with a good synthesizer solo andanother blazing guitar solo!! "Know Me Better" featured a hardcore rock guitar intro,while "Dead Beat" was so funky, with the monstrous bass funk and tight drumming.After everybody sang "Happy Birthday" to John (it was John Hickey's birthday), it wastime for the last song, "Pot Top", a country-style funk that actually sounded a littlebetter on the CD.........BY THE WAY, MAKE SURE THAT YOU PURCHASE JOHN HICKEY'S CDCALLED "Down With The Ship".........IT'S DA MEGA-BOMB!! GO TO JOHN HICKEY'S WEBSITEAT and follow the link to the merchandise page.

The show was over at 7:55pm.

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