At Arlene Grocery - NYC (7/23/04)



John Hickey, the guitar assassin!!!

At 11:45pm, the John Hickey Band started out with the funky "Means of Production", followed by "What I Want to Do"...featuring the funky piano chords of Gregg Fitz, the lead guitar fire of guitar assassin John Hickey, and some good background vocals by the birthday girl, Cissy Fitz!! "Down With the Ship" was a funky excursion by the band, followed by "Rub and Tug"...featuring the extra-thick bass riffs of Funk-Kin's Billy Perk Puryear (that bass smoked the walls off of Arlene Grocery), a spicy synthesized solo by Gregg, and some tight drumming by Troy White!

Cissy Fitz, the birthday gal!!!

"Know Me Better", "Dead Beat" and "Brokedown" (too funky!) was followed by the country-funk of "Pot Top", featuring some smolderin' bass by The Perkulator!! (So much better than the album version) The ending to this funky set was the devastating funk-rock of Funkadelic's "Super Stupid" much lead guitar slaying shorted out the woofers & tweeters of the speakers and started out a fire in the club! (And the ending to "Super Stupid" sounded like the same ending that Bernie Worrell & the WOO Warriors does). The show ended at 12:30am.

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