At the North Star Bar - Philly (1/18/08)


Josh Dion!!

At 12:00 midnight, the Josh Dion Band started with a good, bluesy funk song called "Make My Livin'", featuring the wild drumming of Josh Dion himself...this was followed by "Walking on Stilts" featuring some good funky keyboard riffing. The only criticism I had was that I couldn't really hear the guitar solo (someone should have turned the guitar volume up a bit). "Pilot" was followed by a really tight drum solo by Josh himself! "You Should Know" was good, but better was the performance of the lead female vocalist on "Let's Do It Again".....every fan in the North Star Bar was jammin' to this sultry love song! Fans were also diggin' "Birdwalker", especially with the over-the-top clavinet riffing, heavy bassisms and electrifying guitarisms! After a couple more songs, I left the club at 1:15am.

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